Im using the better search.

Room: Scavotto: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Vallery: Bero: thats where you’re completely lost

Francy: If someone ever told me I was not being helpful, no matter the amount of crazy or disconnect they have from the situation, I’d still look back and think if there was something I could do

Abrego: Rather than “not giving a damn”

Lokan: That’s wasting time ;

Cianciotta: Bero: lol sure there was.

Matuck: Scavotto: also it really should be INTERpersonal

Dewitte: You have SOOO much introspection

Lokan: Some people simply aren’t qualified to receive help ;

Groupe: You’ve shown that so well.

Castillero: I feel like I’ve gotten my point across

Lokan: There’s simply Halcom you can do sometimes but suggest “hire a professional”

Cuppernell: Yes. and we can agree to disagree that your point is silly and your high horse isn’t as high as you think it is

Kreeger: I don’t have a high horse

Lokan: I hope there’s a saddle on it!

Scoggins: Lol, it wouldn’t be monday without someone offended by Scavotto :

Deras: Bero: yes. Like i said. your introspection skills are top notch.

Lokan: I don’t think anyone is offended by LindsayMac

Cremar: Speaking of introspection skills.

Lokan: 15 piece of flair is the BARE MINIMUM!

Jannise: Hi all, looking for a simple way to redirect users if they are using an iPhone browser ie so will send them to the app store

Jeng: Ycon_:

Jeng: Will tell you if it’s an iphone

Roddenberry: Jeng: Thanks. I don’t want it to redirect to a different page- I want it to redirect to an external site

Jeng: Well, ycon_, first you need to know if it’s an iphone. then you need the URL for the app store.

Jeng: Https://

Jeng: Http://

Oregel: After deploying the website from localhost to an online server

Staib: The paths are messed up on the menus etc

Fiorica: The pages do have the right urls, it’s still redirecting to the old urls

Kovalchik: Opsec:

Lokan: That’s a question mark.

Congrove: Was the “.c moving” for me?

Lokan: It might help you, yes.

Berthelsen: Perseus0: Google result for interconnectit search replace – wordpress-databases/">

Wendling: Opsec: what i don’t get is that some paths did update naturally and others not at all

Lokan: That’s not enough info to determine why

Suennen: All i know is that im not going to create another WP website on localhost that’s intended to go live

Lokan: Well, it’s not the computer, or wordpress. ;

Lokan: Any wordpress site can be moved anywhere else in a matter of moments, minus the transfer time.

Sigworth: Well then i don’t know how to config this properly

Lokan: That’s the first step to understanding ;

Peschel: Its pretty trivial to move a site

Lokan: If i’m moving a site, i usually start with simple backup, which just dumps the db and tars/zips the entire do***ent root

Nazzaro: Opsec: Simple Backup –

Lokan: It is, once you’ve done it a dozen times and you take great notes if you’re prone to forgetting

Lokan: I also do not use absolute urls ;

Mccleave: Im using the better search replace plugin