Robdubya: ok, just checked.

Greaves: I miss Safari for Windows. That was sweet.

Yamaki: Safari – preferences – advanced – show developer menu

Kment: Is this 103 days plutonas ?

Carvalno: Then developer at hte top of the screen – show error console

Bebeau: I know Chrome was forked from Safari’s engine, but Safari for Windows, had a lot of sweet features, like really great font smoothing.

Grussendorf: If you change that jquery link back to http you’ll see the error i saw

Sheffer: Frankly i’m a little amazed you got it to work without knowing about developer tools

Aseltine: Plutonas***entation/AppleApplications/Conceptual/Safari_Developer_Guide/Introduction/Introduction.html

Kment: Robdubya: that’s because we rely on it so much to do our thinking :

Zulkowski: Robdubya: the error console is empty now

Niedzwiedz: Plutonas: greate work for starter

Blare: Chrome and firefox have similar things.

Angelino: Safari is probably a bit more forgiving – i saw the error in Chrome

Mallis: Ali4ever4: thanks well most i took ready, the hardest thing was to make the day counter 3-digit and to manage to get the current time in utc so that it does not depend on my local time – but google helped with that

Kment: Oh i see, no you just have the fixed date there and initialize the countdown in js

Guitar: Plutonas if you’re gonna do any more of this sort of thing, definitely read the link i sent above – itll make your life a looooot easier :

Rykert: And instructions for chrome’s

Vivanco: They all have similar featurse

Guethle: Awww it is very sweet thing to do for your gf

Leaser: Kment: right i initialize the countdown by current utc time, then i have the fixed date + 3 hours to account for the time zone of the destination, and thank god uruguay doesn’t have daylight savings anymore since this would make things messy

Calender: Robdubya: thanks a lot, i’m already looking into it

Rizzuti: And dates **** for everyone, professional or novice !

Zupancic: By the way any tips on how to improve add more things to my site? it was quite fun working on it

Kment: Robdubya: ah i see, the only reason to not use it before was https was considered slow

Loudermilk: Plutonas its pretty good, i’d leave it alone!

Luchessa: Ok :- I guess a little change i’ll make is that when the counthdown reaches 0 i’ll have a funny picture show up or something like that – but i have 103 days to do that

Kment: Well you could make it better react to different page widths

Malenke: Was gonna be my suggestion

Kment: Some big sites get away with not caring about those things though

Kment: Still seems weird to me in this age

Mallat: Plutonas i’m still seeing an error for the google fonts link

Falce: Change that to https as well

Keisker: Kment: ok, how do i do this?

Morgon: I want to add an ****ytics event to a a link so that it runs a function when clicked on. Nothing seems to be working, Not this $””, context.clickfunction e {}; and not on mousedown

Beguhl: These are the two things i call

Kment: I’m really noob with that kind of stuff, but you could look into breakpoints with media queries

Gramberg: What am i doing wrong?

Sampey: Your girlfriend is probably using chrome, so just be sure to check it in that before you send her stuff :

Padron: The link has a href that opens up a page.

Langsdale: Kment: i’ll look into it thanks

Kment: Jumoke: for future reference, when #jquery is active, though it doesn’t seem to be now, that’s a better place to ask particular jquery questions

Bennings: Robdubya: ok, just checked and it looks good