Am I correct that jsbin.

Siburt: Let me also see firefox that i think she has on the tablet

Barges: Https:// – useful

Magleby: Firefox is slightly different in that it does not move the extra text below the image, but it is still relatively ok

Kment: I gotta read css-tricks more

Kment: That definitely should be fixed plutonas

Kment: You mean the bottom text doesnt’ change?

Kment: That’s a script issue

Malveaux: Yes, i’m looking into robdubya’s link it seems to be exactly that

Chiarini: No it changes it is positioned wrong on firefox

Amyot: Welcome to web development, where everything is insane 😀

Riggleman: Https:// – flexbox is new, and sooo much easier

Sleet: IIRC, “Ploutonas” is Greek for the planet Pluto. They don’t call it “Adis” Hades because that means something else. 😛

Kamp: By the way i would like to know why my positioning breaks down on ff

Provosty: Well, the dwarf planet Pluto.

Kment: Is flexbox borrowing from responsive grid systems like the one bootstrap uses?

Balderree: I’ll respond to your question with a gif

Galinski: Here is what i have now #note{ color: #666666; font-size: 17px; margin: 0 auto; padding: 4px; text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 rgba255, 255, 255, 0.3; width:auto; position:relative; top:43%; text-align:center;}

Rapkowicz: It works on chrome and safari but not ff. also had spent quite some time on it

Rementer: Plutonas just be happy she’s not using Internet Explorer

Kment: Lmao robdubya that’s exactly my experience with css

Suran: Robdubya: i’m not sure she does not. but i don’t think i can check this

Aubin: If she is, you should break up with her so you dont have to make your CSS work in IE ;-

Seti: This flexbox seems interesting

Walpole: I guess i’ll first try to get used to it with some simple project before messing up my site

Haertel: Good idea. you might also want to learn about git, so you can mess with things and not break your site

Bilger: Http://

Bevelle: Flexbox is the bst thing to happen to CSS since CSS was invented, IMO

Kment: Http://

Shelby: Robdubya: oh git i’m familiar with :- I use to co-edit many latex files for work so git is very useful

Rowsell: Groovy. github has free hosting too, so its super easy to work and then publish

Slatkin: Https://

Macmullan: And github is great for asking questions, since you can just send a link here and we can see the whole code

Chalender: Also check out, which is full of CSS wizardry i can’t even fathom most of the time

Kment: Robdubya: discovered it after listening to a shoptalk podcast where they talked about different futures for css, and one of them was 100% with inline styling in js

Angelucci: QTip’s doc gives this example, but for me the example doesn’t work. does it for you?

Henschel: Lumidee the links are dead

Muraski: Robdubya, what do you mean by dead? the link works for me, you mean the content is deprecated?

Minecci: I mean the links to the qtip library are broken

Stribley: Oh, thanks for the hint. indeed: “Cannot GET //packages/nightly/jquery.qtip.js”

Alliman: Does anyone know how I can see console output of jsBin?

Hinson: I think the files have moved to:

Eastburn: Now it worked, thanks!

Alliman: Am I correct that jsbin doesn’t support chrome?