R13ose: but if they’re like.

Royea: Carson: true, though there are paid services for this

Colford: Hashtag__: the lovely thing I just discovered is also that an order may have optional fields. so I can’t just say “grab all items from this row” and map them to the meaning of those items. I have to check whether there are optional fields

Mccalman: Because if there is data missing in a row it’ll offset the entire map

Rolstad: It’s all not very difficult to pull off

Souders: But it’s tricky to do it efficiently

Garroutte: Anyone who can tell me why isn’t that said bootstrap modal with the id #myModal hiding when i ask it hide ? http://pastebin.ca/3163906

Luhmann: Any thoughts on my question?

Mckenrick: R13ose: why do you want them sliding to the right? that’d feel a bit unnatural

Monsour: R13ose: none the least, what library are you using for it?

Carson: Ah it’s not so bad. selenium delivers a jar with all the browsers bundled

Hibert: Carson: docker may be your friend

Vannest: Gillice: they package all the browsers up into a mason jar and ship it to your home

Zesati: Gillice: Bootstrap. This is what is asked of me, ” slides now auto slide to left. need to reverse to slides to right.”

Ungar: Can someone help me out? I’m not sure exactly how to put this string back together. – https://jsfiddle.net/ekt2ee0z/1/

Percey: R13ose: but that’s not how it works

Ardon: That’s not how any of this works

Baston: Gillice: Thanks for letting me know and I will let people know that but can this be reversed anyways?

Brindza: R13ose: There should be a cycle function somewhere in Bootstrap

Garroutte: Anyone who can tell me why isn’t that said bootstrap modal with the id #myModal hiding when i ask it to hide ? http://pastebin.ca/3163906 :p

Myles: Graphettion: you can do: strArrayi = firstLetters + strArrayi.slice1;

Howarter: R13ose: You can copy it and change ‘next’ to ‘prev’ and vice versa I think

Pesarchick: Graphettion: concatenate the capital with the rest of the word

Maez: R13ose: not how to let it start at the right slide though

Gleaves: Deltab: yes it is autogenerating, sorry i was away

Draney: Graphettion: or: strArrayi = firstLetters + strArrayi.slice1.toLowerCase;

Mckeag: R13ose: you want it to actually cycle the other way, right? not just reverse the order of the images?

Lint: Gillice: Give me a sec

Gahlman: R13ose: http://responsivebp.com/javascript/carousel/

Schluneger: R13ose: this plugin allows you to reverse direction by the looks of it

Hoversten: I think it actually just reverses the way the buttons work

Masunaga: Gleaves: what sort of URL do you want it to have?

Tieng: So moves the slide to the right

Gleaves: Name of the product would be nice

Voigt: Gillice: This is what I found: http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#carousel Client asked to reverse the auto direction of slideshow.

Galagher: I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just swap your left and right brain halfs

Lura: I don’t think it works like that either but it might be easier to try

Durphey: Gleaves: I mean is it to be served over http or what?

Autaubo: Gillice: are you saying I shouldn’t do this and tell the client not to do this?

Wittrup: R13ose: that, yes, even if you do end up finding a way

Mutner: I’d really urge them not to

Chuta: Because it’s rather unnatural, the lack of support in these modules gives a clue as well

Hardage: Gleaves: so the server will have to generate it?

Gleaves: Client side generated

Nabozny: What is a reasonable way to test if a string contains at least one tab?

Weisbaum: R13ose: but if they’re like “m8 I’ll throw another $100 at you” then consider to ignore your instinct