Deason: I don’t suspect.

Kuan: Target prot opt source destination

Kingrey: ACCEPT udp — anywhere anywhere udp dpt:domain

Roarty: ACCEPT tcp — anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:domain

Potucek: Did it display the paste?

Lawe: 12:59 thekinginjello ACCEPT tcp — anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:mysql

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: netstat -ln grep 3306 — show me the result of that

Santolucito: Tcp 0 0* LISTEN

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: ok, mysql server is listening on 3306 for incoming connections, and iptables doesn’t look to be blocking

Squeo: There are a few rejects on the iptables

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: as mysql root, connect to the server and do SELECT user, host from mysql.user; — and that output. don’t want to flood the channel

Albaladejo: REJECT all — anywhere anywhere reject-with icmp-host-prohibited

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: the entire output of sudo iptables -L

Hentrich: Http://

Horio: Http:// iptables

Brunet: Does anyone know why SUME:E is not working in Excel? I keep getting 0

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: you have 2 anonymous users

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: they are used when mysql server is installed, and are of no use, and will inhibit the use of % for host in other grants

Mandrell: Ah should I remove them?

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: then try your remote connection again

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: your iptables looks fine

Dimling: Either with mysql workbench or commandline

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: from the remote workstation – sudo nmap -PS ip_address_of_computer_running_mysql_server

Strawderman: Nmap done: 1 IP address 1 host up scanned in 5.03 seconds

Coy: Not shown: 999 filtered ports

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: 3306/tcp open mysql — should be there

Choe: Only port 22 shows up

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: what are you using to manage your firewall?

Mcconnal: I’m not sure I’m fairly new to linux

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: — review this

Fongvongsa: I have to go for a while, thanks for helping me troubleshoot this threnody

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: I don’t think your mysql server is listening for incoming tcp connections on port 3306

Upshur: Telnet: connect to address No route to host

Ozaki: I’ll be back in about 20

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: no route to host is a network issue

Deason: Eg

Mcguckin: Should I get rid off this from iptables?

Nardozzi: REJECT all — anywhere anywhere reject-with icmp-host-prohibited

Bachinski: Deason: is the placement of the mysql ACCEPT rules below the REJECT all an issue?

Clyatt: Thekinginjello: Wrong channel for this one

Tedrow: Can i ask something about the timescheduler? I dont really get how to let something daily happening on a specific time

Mascari: I want to do a task everyday on 22:00 for example

Clyatt: Jancoow: Time scheduler?

Clyatt: Jancoow: Are you sure you are in the right channel?

Deason: Bachinski: probably used -A append to end instead of -I insert at top

Strobridge: Jancoow: See

Ledwith: Salle: yes, lol. Scheduler in mysql

Bachinski: Deason: I don’t suspect thekinginjello did this manually