That’s the accepted answer.

Odermott: But they’ll probably want you to pay for not doing it the wrong way right away

Heeney: Gillice: did you look at events direction in the page I showed you?

Cappa: Gleaves: the client can only make data: and blob: urls

Mccool: R13ose: well, does it work?

Bauserman: R13ose: no, that won’t do what you want

Marke: R13ose: that just tells you whether the carousel is sliding to the left or the right

Manson: It doesn’t affect anything, it’s an event

Flemm: Gillice: I thought so, just was checking.

Loia: You can slide it from right to left manually hence the indication in the event

Liegler: Deltab, L8D: Thank you! I just needed to know to concatenate them.

Nine: But the automatic cycle doesn’t seem configurable

Cretella: Does anyone know how I can apply text as a behavior in IE8 at runtime? Rather than -ms-behavior:; I have the contents of the file as a string. Is there anyway to get it in there?

Finke: Jimminimy: does it support data:?

Henningsen: Graphettion:

Sifre: Es6 gives me the tingles

Seratt: Deltab: I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while. Looks like IE8 does support data – I haven’t been able to get the format right

Aggarwal: Gillice: from what the client said, what do you ***ume they mean?

Caiazzo: R13ose: what did they tell you exactly?

Siprasoeuth: Deltab: -ms-behavior: urldata:text/x-component;base64,. that’s what it looks like in the style

Seemer: Is there a javascript method that converts a string to a valid url?

Schramm: Gillice: the above what I said to you

Rodeigues: Persina, A valid URL is stored as a string. What is the format of the data you want to convert into a URL?

Fontenelle: Samssh: Like it converts spaces into “%20” and things like that

Melquist: I would like to drag an object let’s say rectangle over some text and then have that text highlighted over which I drop the rectangle. Any suggestions on how I might be able to accomplish this?

Zelada: Persina, So you need it encoded. I think there is a method to suit.

Mate: Samssh: encodeURIComponent – JavaScript MDN

Fallon: Sunya7a: is a good start

Wodskow: Sunya7a: basically, you define an element to be “draggable” through HTMl5 attribute, then there are native browser events when an element is being dragged over

Moreci: So you can do***ent.querySelector’.my-text’.on’dragover’, function { // omg! }

Teabo: Persina, It’s that or

Kromrey: Impaloo, thank you. I will give that a read

Hoppa: Persina, I honestly don’t remember the difference right now.

Holyoak: R13ose: I’m not sure what you’re referring to

Vansciver: Would you mind repeating it?

Polzin: Gillice: this is what they asked “to reverse the auto direction of slideshow.”

Flodman: Yes, that’s going to require you to rewrite bootstrap’s cycle function by the looks of it

Brancato: And I’d recommend discouraging your client

Klepac: Gillice: I am doing that now.

Krzesinski: Hello, how i can debug js code running from as3 flash? i have chromium, all my tries to set some breakpoints no working.

Rixie: Gillice: what about Would that help me in anyway?

Desporte: R13ose: that’s what I’m saying, rewrite the cycle function to do what you want 😛

Wiedenheft: That’s the accepted answer there as well