How can i create 3d pie.

Kalfa: Most progammers are bad. It’s that simple

Farrey: Because the term ‘programmer’ is too ***ue

Longaker: Hemrich: This might shock you, but most backup plugins do this as well ;

Whillock: That’s the only directory or subdirectory they have permissions for after all

Emerling: I backup to cloud storage now

Molinelli: I used to do that, but I think he means root folder

Piller: Not wp-content/backup

Pelayo: I’ve seen them created left and right

Teramoto: CPanel created $webroot/backup/date.hash.tar.gz files for example

Danchetz: I just pipe the zipping process through ssh, and that means the server doesn’t even need any extra space for the zip file.

Zieske: I think those are very minor things to worry about :

Potratz: Space is afterall really the least of anyone’s concerns nowadays

Dyar: Gapen: I’ve seen those though, and some falsley ***ume the server uses apache and puts a .htaccess file there, even though it’s on nginx.

Diano: Kenshino__: depends on the size of the webpage

Kressin: Nginx will ignore the .htaccess anyway so why does that matter

Maharg: I’ve had to zip 10-20gb large websites, then the database at some gb’s

Husein: I know there are sites much bigger than that

Maymon: Kenshino__: because they use .htaccess to disable access to the folder, with no effect.

Seang: Heh possibly 1. Worked on apache, client got moved by host or whatever and knew nothing

Crouter: Shouldn’t need a plugin for backups though. Just setup a cronjob and done

Newbill: Not if the plugin does everything for you

Kazin: And not everyone is a programmer

Bartolone: They should hire one ;

Angolo: And there is an awful lot of programmers who doesn’t even know what a cronjob is

Livley: Let alone how to use linux and setup a development server

Seaborn: Lol. to me that’s really web developers that have to know what that is

Lueckenbach: Yeah, I thought the same too.

Sparaco: I’d reckon Java developers would laugh at web developers for not knowing what Swing is

Sharpes: Then we laug hat Java devs . because java xD

Longsdorf: I remember swing, I believe I used that a long time ago, my first test with gui if I remember correctly

Huhtasaari: Kenshino__: But I know you’ve probably complained a lot about plugins coded so horribly you just wanted to rewrite the entire thing.

Kurdyla: Either it is just me, or I have to fix an awful lot of bugs in pre-made plugins. Stuff which is broken in the logic of the code.

Bumpers: I’m not saying all plugins are broken though :

Ohms: I rarely use plugins actually

Sempek: I write my plugins and/or I only use essentials like WordPress SEO

Mulryan: Wishlist is one of the plugins we use on wordpress, and woocommerce

Pacitti: If I use a plugin, it’s usually one of those really well developed with proper filters and stuff

Branchaud: Even though we recommend the clients to use joomla for a large site which requires good ACL. they still want wordpress

Yankey: The WooCommerce Wishlist one is good from WooThemes

Takeuchi: The Yith one is so – so

Hamic: Wishlist has a bug when it comes to custom post types. and the bug was reported by me a few months ago, they acknowledged it. But never implemented the fix. The latest version still requires manual fixing. If I remember correctly it is the option to automatically “lock” a new post if it is a custom post type.

Kranze: The weird thing is that the technical support couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work. so I decided to debug.

Traff: They should know their own code.

Barfield: How can i create 3d pie chart