Mythros: just post the.

Briley: Declare a variable like “self” to use instead of “this”?

Mackle: In the global namespace, you mean?

Goldenberg: I’m trying to keep all this contained in a single object in case I want to put multiple of them on a screen.

Stuchlik: Dash: if they want to use it there’s a lot to like, but if they want to scoff at things that aren’t in that that *are* in vim they’ve also got a bit of fodder there. Are you on spacemacs?

Rewis: No, in the scope of whatever defines the onClick function.

Rapkowicz: Then p*** that to the onclick function? Would that work?

Jeffress: I have actually seen this done, yes

Nazzal: Yeah, maybe. Not sure if that’s the solution for your problem, because I don’t know exactly what you are trying to reference.

Fendlason: Hey, I have a problem with google rendering my site wrong, is rendered as: It did work before: Anyone any idea why it suddenly fails?

Sowders: Wtf. i have if x==0 { . } else if y == 0 { . } and both branches are being executed. WTF is going on?

Cowdrey: So would this work?

Waisanen: Zap0 that is possible?

Door: Zap0: can you show a test case? that doesn’t happen

Krehel: Zap0 check your spacing, you probably have a typo

Jaudon: Microsizeme you shouldnt add self as parameter

Gilliss: Urban, how would I go about it?

Vina: You now have an anonymouse function self {}

Jaenicke: And self would then refer to this because of scope magic, right?

Galgano: It has access to all variables above where it was created

Clayburn: You could also use bindthis

Kellish: Okay, lemme try the first thing

Sumey: Is there a method that converts a string of an element, e.g.: “div/div” into an actual element object? The same that would be returned by do***ent.createElement’div’ ?

Iba: Jquery does stuff like that

Kurelko: You could make it yourself

Rison: Var div = do***ent.createElement”div”; div.innerHtml = “Your html”; div.firstChild

Rousseau: Now firstChild will be the div object

Unruh: Ah ok, so wrap it and grab the child. thanks!

Sowders: This is just retarded. how do i write a if a else if b ?

Lacz: Zap0 your syntax was correct

Mongiello: You are doing something else wrong

Bowdle: Urbanizator, worked like a charm

Servant: Now why is the rest of my code broken. dum de dum

Gone: Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong here? I got my calculator calculating CLOSE to what I need it for, but for some reason, It’s calculating B+C and not A+B = C. : Essentially It’s doing. 3+3=6. 6+3=9+6=15. :

Frago: I can PM the link to anyone who can help me out in my time of need.

Zumbrunnen: I’m a little bit confused about nodejs versions. I’m reading in one place where 0.12 is the latest, and another where 4.0 is the latest, which seems a totally different numbering scheme

Parado: Mythros: Without seeing the code, it’s not really possible to say.probably just p***ing arguments in the wrong order.

Nasalroad: Zerowaitstate,

Nasalroad: Merge between io.js and nodejs

Dawoud: Haavy : You may see the code at the link.

Kulseth: I will PM you the link

Laake: Mythros: Just post it in here.I’m actually busy.

Spiegelman: I can’t do that. I don’t want other people to know the link to my site.

Meakin: I guarantee you that there is nothing in it worth protecting.

Liskovec: Then post it on

Bansmer: Mythros: just post the relevant JS bits to a patebin