Somehow a client can’t.

Sweers: Scavotto, Currently, WooCommerce is requiring users be logged in to download the mp3. I’m ***uming this needs to be turned off to allow itunes to download the song?

Thrun: MikeyD: woocommerce and itunes are not connected in ANY way

Neesmith: Hi, i’m experiencing some really weird GUI errors, could be a chrome extension or something? i’ve experienced it across multiple wordpress amin panels, looks really bad

Guerrazzi: MikeyD: on the product page in woocommerce you would just have a button “GET THIS IN ITUNES” and have it link to the itunes app link

Jayes: Twirl: its a known bug with chrome

Jeng: wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">Http://

Dace: Twirl: Google result for wordpress admin menu paint chromium – wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">

Juckett: Scavotto: Ok, that helps a lot, thank you for the insight6

Pelley: MikeyD: such is the way of iphones

Garn: Scavotto: a bug of chrome? thats interesting

Woodal: Scavotto: k, ty, ill just wait for a fix then

Sietsma: Twirl: there is a fix. if you click the link

Lokan: Scavotto: he’ll just wait ;

Haboush: My dog has been barking all day for no reason! this is not like him

Lokan: Probably a goa’uld nearby.

Lokan: Https://

Lokan: Scavotto: he’s probably saving you from becoming a host.

Tilghman: I suppose thats possible

Stavrositu: Cissell: you can just add a custom taxonomy to the media post type

Mcintrye: Cissell:–wp-32319

Cissell: Oh really? that would be pretty much perfect i’d think

Dapas: Lightweight as you can get. your own small, minimal plugin that does exactly just that

Morsberger: Cissell: of course. if a plugin can do it, then you can do it and do it without all the code. obviously

Cissell: Nice, thx. saves a bunch of time

Weist: Where can i this ?php if$wl_theme_options’phone’ !=”?

Eltringham: Wl_theme_options ehat is that?

Westermeier: Atoem: youre going to have to ask your theme dev.

Vallangeon: I need someone who understand the php of wordpress

Stoney: Atoem: no. you need to contact your theme dev/

Toto: Atoem: or do what I told you to do and enable wp_debug and make sure error reporting is on

Servantes: Otherwise, you need to GTFO

Steiling: Lindasay so if you want a extra social media link/logo in your header you call the team builder?

Duhe: Atoem, the php of wordpress is not special **** : it is the PHP. WordPress has special APIs

Cerecedes: HackHand: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Keyes: Has anyone used aqua resizer before?

Wainer: Atoem: you need to because its something custom built by your theme

Laumea: OR like i said. you can enable errors so people can help you debug but otherwise. stop and go away

Berl: Im only using it because the image resize function ****s and doesnt crop the images to the exact sizes i define unless im doing soething wrong

Barrier: Hackhand please tell me if i change phone_no to phone then the logo will not came up

Pereyra: HackHand: good luck with this dude. lol

Gammon: Hey there, quick question. Is umeta_id normally an auto increment field in the user_meta database table?

Audirsch: That part ?php if$wl_theme_options’phone_no’ !=”

Letteney: _August_: sounds like you’re doing something wrong

Desmarias: Somehow a client can’t login to their wordpress any more and they’re getting an error in the wordpress error_log of a duplicate entry ‘0’. It’s weird that it’s even a 0 considering it should be in the 90s for the session token.