_August_: if you knew what.

Rasool: _August_: wordpress should resize your images to the sizes you specifically define

Klaiber: But I noticed that the umeta_id isn’t set to auto increment for some bizarre reason.

Zurkus: Using Jupiter theme, trying to remove the image-hover-overlay, I dont want the images to zoom in and show a picture when hovering over them

Vazzana: Do wordpress have its own cache?

Unterseher: Yeah but what if the image is smaller than the size i define

Sotolo: Shouldnt the image be streched or something to that nature?

Fleming: _August_: if you’re sizing UP images, you’re doing it wrong

Hamiel: _August_: wordpress rightfully does not size UP images. If your sizes are set to a size bigger than the original image uplaod then it will not remake a LARGER version of that image

Lokan: I need a batch of blurry images, stat!

Watzka: _August_: and it’s wrong to do that

Delangel: Well you know how users are.

Dine: Either way the bigger images dont even resize down

Bowering: Anyone with any idea on my database question ?

Bugenhagen: I have this ?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail$post-ID, ‘related’, array’cl***’ = ‘img-responsive’; ?

Labounta: _August_: then you’re REALLY doing it wrong

Shuga: The only thing i can think of is that get the post thumbnail doesnt work with image resize

Sablock: I need a hard core wordpress develper?

Hessee: _August_: even IF youre uploading a smaller size, theres ways to deal with that without sizing up an actual image file

Lokan: _August_: it’s september now. just fyi ;

Semenec: I’m hesitant to delete the invalid database entry and change it to A.I.

Stai: _August_: get_the_post_thumbnail gets the thumbnail. it does not resize the images. That happens when you upload the images

Lokan: I’m listening to dr. john sarno’s greatest hits. vol. 10

Presume: Umm ok Lagrow. you failed me hardcore

Thompkins: Thats my only thought as to why its not working correctly

Merksamer: _August_: because. like i said from the beginning. you’re doing it wrong!

Beuttel: Ok so get the post thumbnail gets the thumbnail and then i set the size in the function which would be related

Ebright: If i put thubnail or large or medium it would resize

Wiscombe: So i dont know why it wouldnt work with an add_image_size function

Macivor: _August_: you need to READ the docs

Earheart: Https://developer.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/reference/functions/get_the_post_thumbnail/

Kounthong: Register new image sizes for Post Thumbnails with: add_image_size.

Dimariano: I have this as the image resize function add_image_size’related’, 570,365, true;

Grupp: I would imgine an image that 650×570 would be cropped down

Selbe: _August_: yes it will. this triggers on upload

Brincks: _August_: if you’re expecting exiting files to recrop, thats not going to happen

Lyson: _August_: you can use a plugin to regenerate thumbnails. There are many of them out there

Velovic: Which take me back to aqua resize

Ketzler: I think its retarded that wp has been around for like what, 10 years now?

Irick: And they still havnt made anything for this

Mcmurtry: _August_: you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about

Corrow: This should have been solved back in 3.0

Paradiso: That why people were resorting to timthumb

Sobrino: Theres no dynamic crop function -_-

Slipper: If there was, we wouldn’t need farmers! :

Rokicki: _August_: theres no NEED for one out of the box. WP gives you the tools to make one IF you need it. most dont need that

Mackiewicz: _August_: if you knew what you were talking about then you wouldn’t be blaming it on wordpress – dynamically resizing/cropping imnages has been a problem in web development for years because idiotic users expect it to predict what part of the picture they want.