Many click event.

Holgate: I’m just looking at it now – so If theres anything that I’m not comfortable with I’d say

Kimple: But if it lags then obviously turn it down, 20 or 30 is just a guess

Suther: I think it looks alright tho – steps here is just representing the distance of the velocity vector from what I can tel.

Kimple: Yeah but you might want more accuracy than tha

Desruisseaux: Yeah – I’m not understanding how this relates to accuracy at the mo, I’m going through it though : just started the for loop.

Kimple: For this game i didnt care, and had like 5000 particles on screen at a time so accuracy wasnt super important i’ve actually simplified the code somewhat for you, to remove some ugly optimizations

Guiterrez: Where do javascript games go?

Couzens: Like – are they hosted as webapps or compiled to other platforms or?

Lecompte: Webapps, a few people in here embed them into cordova

Kimple: You can either deploy as a web app or bundle with nw.js for desktop or put it in a webview for mobile

Nystrom: I need do******entElement.scrollTop for just FF and do***ent.body.scrollTop for other browsers. How do I write this? do******entElement do***ent.body .scrollTop fails for me

Nystrom: When I run through chrome I think it just picks the first do******entElement which makes it remain 0

Roush: Hello all, can anyone help with some basic form validation? Can’t get this to work.

Kierce: When I hit the submit button, nothing happens.

Klaiber: K2gremlin, syntax error in the console

Klaiber: Do***ent.forms’contact’.reset; — there

Mccorry: Tossed in the that was missing.

Borgelt: Http:// Still doesn’t alert that the name isnt filled out :/ FYI this is just a school website project. just starting to learn js

Klaiber: Onclick=’checkReqFields’ should be onclick=’return checkReqFields’ or better, using addEventListener and ev.preventDefault

Klaiber: Also, your double quote seems wrong, you put ” instead of ”

Klaiber: In the button element

Klaiber: Also, the mode should be no wrap in head

Klaiber: K2gremlin, it does that:

Honold: Klaiber, Thanks a bunch. Now a question I have in the books we need to read. for the submit button it says to use input type=”button” When I try to use that it just turns into a blank box.

Fentress: I couldn’t get a button without using button type=

Negrete: Am I doing that right?

Klaiber: Input type=”button” is the same that button type=”button”

Klaiber: And input type=”submit” is the same that button or button type=”submit”

Klaiber: With input you need to set the value=”” attribute, for the button, it’s the inner content

Merrills: Klaiber, It hates me. lol input type=”submit” doesn’t make a button

Klaiber: As I said, wrong quotes

Klaiber: I guess it’s your text editor

Klaiber: That replace ” by english quotes

Delapena: Through putty on linux system

Klaiber: Vim don’t do that habitually

Belyoussian: Puttyed into a ubuntu server. and just vi’ed into the file

Elward: Fking shoot me. those quotes I copied from the book. .

Witte: I just took them off and replaced. worked lol

Christmas: Klaiber, Thanks so much :

Wei: Yea, lesson learned. been *****ing with this button for like 2 hours.

Barrios: Can you have multiple onclicks?

Kraemer: As in multiple onlick attributes?

Cowher: Or multiple event handlers for click?

Klaiber: 1 onclick attribute/property

Klaiber: Many click event listener