Guys, i’m using ui-select.

Galizia: I’ve tried the space between like that, and the space inside the spans

Elhassan: C0nundrum if it supports :: then it supports : but not the other way.

Mcgohan: Brodhurst, you asking me? lol

Wilfahrt: GreenJello you want that? I’m not sure I understood your q’

Kalla: Mobbs,

Broady: I switched to using flexbox for everything, and this is the only thing that isn’t quite right

Duggar: Currently I set a margin-left on the second one but that’s hacky

Treiber: Iwas thinking about that, margin-right on the first, or margin-left on the second :

Harnett: I tried white-space: pre and pre-wrap, but that didn’t do anything

Lautt: GreenJello the ::before and ::after are rendered inside the element’s tag, not outside.

Passman: I’d go with the left/right margin thing, there are far worse most common and hacky tricks out there, like the left:50% transform:translateX-50%, a simple margin is not that hacky! :

Flotow: How do I figure out what the width of a space should be?

Shimada: Dont ask me, I use px for everything

Pursel: Whatever 15px is ok with me :

Wintermute: Hi all. have any of you used the ui-select module in angular ?

Yeater: Does anyone know of any map font libraries? Particularly for the UK

Lairson: What is a map font library?

Seedborg: Mobbs: there’s one for US states called stately

Aronica: Like this:

Premo: Only seems to have US states

Miedema: Can css such a background-image apply to canvas elements?

Labarbara: Oh, actual map embedded as fonts :

Pound: Jumpman: very awesome, I wish it got a little more detailed for the UK, down to counties

Fruehauf: But it does go down to countries

Everet: I’m just _really_ trying to avoid using SVG

Brandly: You could compile your own font from SVGs, i’ve seen some web tools for that

Andruss: I would, personally, just use CSS cl***es like “.geo-countyname” on divs you’ve already styled to be the size and shape of icons

Konik: So you would use them like div cl***=”icon geo-countyname”

Schemonia: Depending on how many counties there are in the UK i would decide between including them as images or as data URIs

Lout: Data URIs are bigger than SVG files but don’t require an additional request

Kaczynski: I think it’s a number between 100 and 150

Scheno: I’m able to find SVG’s on Wikipedia that are suitable

Mednis: Yeah, i probably wouldn’t want 150 different requests for the SVGs

Mannine: Just put them all in one, as an image atlas, and then clip it

Paongo: The only thing I really need are click and hover events for each county. And an ID reference

Darvin: And the whole thing to somewhat scale, though if that’s impossible I will pixel size render with break points

Snoddy: Mobbs: you mean like an SVG sprite sheet?

Andreu: Jumpman yup, I bet there’s clip feature for svg too, right?

Finerty: Yeah, i’d probably do it with groups and use

Windom: That’s actually a much better solution

Murchison: You could probably end up with one master svg svg g id=”some-county” actual county svg /g /svg

Blessett: And then use them with svg use xlink:href=”#some-county”/use /svg

Rosenkranz: Ooooh, there’s a CSS-tricks on it:

Longstreet: That’s very interesting info, I didntknow about the use xlink thing

Mushrush: I used it once for an elaborate svg animation a few years ago and that’s it :p

Begnaud: Guys, i’m using ui-select with angular and seeing some weird issues