Yeah I understand regular.

Justus: I have a drop down that selects between multiple div’s but when the div changes my drop down no longer seem to trigger the change, this is my code: What I’m i do wrong?

Perina: Hello, so for example, if I have an on click trigger for tr#Test, is it the same to either do event.relatedTarget or $’tr#Test’?

Hickton: Hello, can you please click to image icon? is modal working on your computer? thanks

Nwakanma: Is there anyone there?

Dethomas: I have a drop down that selects between multiple div’s but when the div changes my drop down no longer seem to trigger the change, this is my code: What I’m i do wrong?, I added background color to make it easier to track

Papke: Docmur___: don’t know if it’s the error but you’ve used the id modeselect for multible elements

Rozmus: Docmur___: it was the cause of the error. jQuery ***umes that there will be only one element with that id since id should be unique. so it only puts the change event on the first one

Marandi: Struggling to understand some event code that may not be working. There is a line: self.bind’splitter.resize’, ., where self is defined as $.extendthis,.. What is splitter.resize supposed to be? Is that a typo? All the other events have the opposite – mouseup.splitter, etc.

Jeanlouis: Or is that simply a custom event name?

Tereska: I Have an issue. How can I pick out elements of stray text NOT inside a tag in the dom?

Aggers: Without having to use html and string manipulation

Pisarski: Is jQuery events hard to learn?

Darsi: JQdotp***: Easy to learn, hard to master, like most things. :

Stiern: JQuery events, today hurt me

Obermeyer: Hilton: jQuery Event Methods do I need to learn it all?

Kardos: Well atleast the dubugger in most browsers lets you trace the events from trigger to endpoint

Surdam: That’s really stupid but no problem

Benders: Learn what you need to accomplish what you need to do. Start with .on, it will handle most of your use cases.

Mccomish: Docmur___: not sutpid if you have a huge page unique id look up can save time

Morey: And use a cl*** if there is many

Attilio: No it’s still stupid but it’s okay, I’ll just use different ID’s

Pane: Docmur___: use the cl*** and then $this for the value

Hopf: Hilton, i p*** .on method, later .on, I’m confused

Muschamp: Firsts lessons easy to understand. $”div”.clickfuntion{ etc.

Deamer: On is a bit special since it handles both ordinary and deffered events now days

Tweet: But I will not give up.

Felger: I thinking addCl*** & removeCl*** wery important. for menu bar with special effects

Doleac: U know I working in a web app on jquery mobile buy on my chrome doesnt work! let me show you

Parez: Paulong_: add and remove, do you understand me?

Rucki: What do people use to do button animations like this hover over “Brands & Agencies”

Artale: At the moment I am using jquery ui to toggle a cl*** and then in css ***igning different styles. Which jquery ui then smoothly interpolates between.

Moodispaugh: However that site I don’t see anything changing in the markup on hover, so they must be doing it via another method – which is what I am curious about.

Adamsonis: ISmithers: CSS probably

Cristino: ISmithers, .div:hover {background-color:#ddd; }

Merckling: All you need is css no jquery required

Elio: Yeah just seeing that now. I’ve never used that stuff before. Is that pretty solid in terms of backwards compatibility?

Linwood: Its actually using some animated rules in css. Transitions etc.

Surls: Yeah I understand regular CSS is fine, but looking at for example ‘transition’ it looks like its only IE11