Lintguy the listener.

Mate: Nwachukwu: SyntaxError: invalid label

Nwachukwu: Var a = { “test”: “test'” };

Nwachukwu: Var a = { “test”: “test'” }; a;

Mate: Nwachukwu: object {test: “test'”}

Nwachukwu: Interestingly, that object would be invalid JSON

Wishon: Nwachukwu, thanks alot!

Nwachukwu: I’ve run into that when escaping user entered strings too aggressively

Rapko: I need a timewaster for 5 min

Reichman: Hey guys, a question here, it looks like space %20 is forbidden in the value attribute of html, how can i put a value with this type of caractere in my value ?

Ailes: Pouete, what about converting it before adding it as the value?

Clain: Mbrzuzy: this is what i am planning to do

Mohler: But i cannot feed google with the correct terms .

Broyle: Pouete you can search something like “javascript decode UTF8”

Seeley: Attr=”bla bla” ‘’ + encodeURIComponentel.getAttribute’attr’

Nauer: Yansanmo: yepm , i would like to put my value in the attr

Redican: Pouete, did you figure it out? I think you can use decodeURI

Haptonstall: I already tried encodeURL

Debey: But i still have the %20 in my DB

Lidie: Can you put other html elements inside and svg tag?

Arrojo: Pouete, encodeURL would convert a space into %20

Baradi: And i would like to put it in a value attibute of a hidden tag.

Grass: Hey everyone! A question about JavaScript progress bars? Do any of them actually work properly or are they all fake?

Dyer: As in, proper progress bars will accurately report the progress of the page load while fake ones will just set a delay.

Allinger: Winghouchan what do you want to preload?

Higson: How do i prevent anchors from following href without using jquery’s preventdefault?

Brucki: You asked an hour ago and then ignored my response.

Seutter: Lintguy preventDefault is vanilla js

Thurmer: Ankr: i thought so, but it says it’s not a function

Rowson: It was not about the value.

Cannatella: I did not put the quotes

Winsley: Ankr: It doesn’t really matter.

Grasty: This is what we call “discretly broken” 😀

Tavakoli: Ankr:

Quiel: Ankr: tried with preventdefault as well

Crowder: Ankr: Looking at implementations of progress bars many set intervals/timeouts or some sort of hack like that. Was wonderin’ if there is an accurate implementation of a progress bar out there somewhere.

Betsinger: Ankr: It’s not difficult to hide something and display a continuous animating element like a spinner but accurately reporting back to the user the progress of page load, I’ve not seen done.

Rossnagel: Ankr: Hoping someone here has done it properly or has seen a site that does it properly.

Sink: Winghouchan hence my question. If you want to preload a list of images it’s fairly easy. If you want to show a preloader for your entire page it’s not that easy.

Azimi: What do I do when I need to run something that needs to dispatch an event, in the constructor. No one can register to receive the event before it’s constructed obviously. Do I have to use two stage init?

Joelson: Ankr: In my original question I said “page load” 😛

Wing: Lintguy you should loop the elements and apply listener

Poper: Winghouchan Alright. I only know ugly hackish methods then

Munchmeyer: Ankr: Ah, ok, of course

Gholson: Ankr: Hehe, oh well. Thanks for thinking about it :

Broadstone: Ankr: how do i disable the preventDefault once applied?

Frederic: Lintguy the listener callback takes an event argument; call event.preventDefault; in the callback.