E.g., an object literal can.

Schoneck: Hello guys, I am having ~ 100 options with attribute data-image=”img/blank.gif” I want to change the value of data-image on all of the options to “/***ets/img/blank.gif”

Mckoan: Morphyeys: $’*data-image=”img/blank.gif”‘ then call data on it

Gleim: Do***ent.querySelectorAll”optiondata-image=’img/blank.gif'”

Mate: Havvy: Do***ent.querySelectorAll – Web API Interfaces MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Do***ent/querySelectorAll

Sorber: Deltab: are you familiar with knockout?

Gatson: Hey. I’m running a function on page cloud which takes all elements that have a certain attribute and applies a click event to them. After a while new elements are added in via some ajax load I didn’t do this part, how can I rerun my function to bind these new elements when they are added to the dom?

Zajicek: Gatson, if your using jquery you can use http://api.jquery.com/on/ taking advantage of delegated events

Yilma: Could a JSON.p****: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data be caused by utf, ansi?

Mcreath: Do i have to save the doc in utf?

Chagnon: Trying to p**** a json string from php’s json_encode

Skoglund: Sdfdsf55sss: do console.logjson.charCodeAt0

Rusteika: Sisnt it JSON not json ?

Simmions: Sdfdsf55sss: where json’ is your string

Gatson: J0hnsm1th: I’m not, but thanks. For the record I went with MutationObserver, IE11 but that worked in this case

Gentleman: Sdfdsf55sss: pastebin your json?

Gentleman: Sdfdsf55sss: your php should be outputting utf-8, exclusively

Gentleman: Gatson: MutationObserver is not widely supported, and deprecated iirc. you should use event delegation instead.

Mate: Gentleman: Can I Use Mutation Observer? IE 11+ FF 14+ Chrome 27+ Opera 15+ Safari 6.1+ iOS 7.0-7.1+ Android 4.4+ Overall: 83.0% http://caniuse.com/mutationobserver

Pniewski: Should i always do everything in UTF-8?

Cassaday: In my editor, set utf8 as default i mean.

Wuest: To not run into weird problems i mean

Pantuso: Sdfdsf55sss, treat everything not being UTF-8 as an outright bug.

Thiery: Interop_madness, yeah. i converted to utf8 and now my problem is gone.

Macentee: Do***ent.getElementById”myDiv”.innerHTML=obj.toString;

Lesiak: Anything wrong with that string?

Girone: The object is a json object

Jefford: If they dont its an array i suppose lol

Montanye: You tell us, is there anything wrong with it?

Mate: Ankr: string ‘object Object’

Iba: JSON.stringify{foo: ‘bar’};

Mate: Ankr: string ‘{“foo”:”bar”}’

Bartsch: Hey everyone! A question about JavaScript progress bars? Do any of them actually work properly or are they all fake?

Ling: So json objects exist i suppose

Cocroft: Winghouchan, it depends on what it’s a progress bar for, detecting progress is the tricky and inconsistent part

Roginson: JSON strings exists, they can be turned into javascript objects.

Wah: I’ve got an object call it obj with sentences as keys. One of the keys maps to an Object. When I print obj, I nicely see that the key maps to an object, and I can see everything this object contains. However, when I print objkey, it shows an _empty_ object.

Brincefield: So I can see that obj is not corrupt, objkey maps to an Object with stuff. But when I try to extract this Object, I just get an empty Object.

Tigano: The stuff is wrapped in __proto__ though. Does it have to do with this?

Akamiro: Are javascript objects written in json?

Nwachukwu: They can be written in the same syntax. But JSON isn’t exactly the same thing as an object literal

Nwachukwu: E.g., an object literal can have properties defined without using double quotes. Single quotes can be used for string ***ignment, etc. JSON requires double quotes