But the add new button is.

Aldrich: Nextgen has support chat?

Calcagino: Maybe someone here could have done what I want

Panelli: If so, I’m pretty sure, they would have answered right away

Detro: I had a little issue yesterday, can see here – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/problem-logging-in-8

Dettra: Nextgen; http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/nextgen-gallery-extension-plugins/#social

Huelle: My question is am i safe to now use the new version of wordpress to edit my website?

Panelli: Why would they release a version that isn’t safe to use?

Loiko: Or do i still need to find the version my site was originally constructed on

Kill: Not sure but installing 4.1 yesterday crashed my site

Escalon: Astra1: Do a FULL BACKUP of your files and database then update to 4.3.1

Wethern: Just don’t chmod 777 ;

Hartle: Hey is there a way to make it so when you click on a page it opens a new window?

Hartle: E.g. pages that you add from dashboard

Mcgahey: Hartle: There plugins gogole “wordpress plugin external links” or you can set this on a link by link basis by checking “open in an new window.

Hartle: Yeah I was trying to google for WP page open in new window but it was getting mixed results

Covino: If you want a “leaving site” warning, there’s a plugin called “exit box” for that, too.

Hartle: Nah its just so I can make a link pop up with discussion so it doesn’t look all small and tiny hehe

Hartle: Thanks a bunch sterndata :

Hartle: Yeah its a qwebirc client

Hartle: But it just doesn’t look right iframed into the wp page

Ouinones: Heh. wordpress-support/">http://www.sterndata.com/wordpress-support/

Hartle: Its a pretty sexy client also

Hartle: I was going to originally use that, but my friend is kind of set on qwebirc

Hartle: I’m doing all of this for my friends on another discussion server I chat on

Hartle: Next big task is reworking the anonymous posting plugin to be relocated at top with no content required and only a title

Wrinkles: Hi everyone, I’m trying to install a second wordpress blog to my personal linode server, I am doing all of this from command line.I created a database and created a user and p***word, I then grabbed the gzip and unzipped it in the appropriate directory, but when I go to the web page, it says it has an error establishing connection.

Santrizos: I’ve verified, triple checked and the connection information IS correct, but what I have noticed is that the database has no tables.is there something I’m missing here?

Valdespino: The database will have no tables until the WP setup routine the “famous 5 minute” setup runs.

Flatau: So, something in your new site’s wp-config.php does not match what you did in the database.

Horan: Ok, that’s what I thought. but when I went in to try to reset the user p***word, it said there was no user table in that database this is in linux ubuntu btw

Matarese: Mordacai: what? reset the user’s p***word? for wordpress? If you haven’t set up wordpress you don’t have users.

Moons: No, for the database, just to make sure the p***word was the same as the one I put in the wp-config

Paulseth: That’s correct, right? That’s how it’s supposed to look

Allcock: Brant all on beppywp.*

Politte: Shoot let me find that command again

Dowden: I’m going crazy with my current wp admin

Fralick: I moved a live site to my local development environment

Burroughs: Did all the usual steps, renaming blog/site/etc

Mancil: The thing is, the admin is super confused now

Dolberry: For example, the main menu add plugin links to localhost/subsite/wp-admin/network/plugin-editor.php

Asam: But the add new button is linking to localhost/wp-admin/network/plugin-install.php note: without subsite