Like is it higher up in the.

Finer: Hd1_done is a function that takes a parameter, which according to both chrome and firefox is null in the function, how do i access data’page’ in there?

Larralde: Vanvliet: jquery mobile has a nice one

Woodcox: Hd1 is it weird how much i prefer $.get and $.post to $.ajax? i find it more reliable every time

Reinhart: Vanvliet: but i just style mine with css

Vanvliet: Lalalaaa: thank you :

Berver: Kamuela: its not weird at all

Rottinghous: Kamuela: that doesn’t matter, get/post are just wrappers around ajax

Eyubeh: You’d be surprised how “correctly” i’ve messed with ajax in the past only to have post work 100%

Zwicker: Kamuela: i get a bit. meh every time i use them though because i know that eventually i’ll have to replace them with live streaming / web sockets etc.

Whiton: Jquery doesn’t do sockets does it

Guziak: It should, though most people in this channel tend to recommend avoiding jquery altogether

Debarros: Yeah whats with all the hatred.

Mandez: What do they recommend instead?

Benckendorf: Jquery is mostly DOM handling; $.ajax is a bonus

Grieff: God i ****ing hate how motivated i am when i’m tired and how _tired_ i am when i’m tired

Steach: I wonder if it’s psychological like i’m too tired but it instinctively feels good to pretend i’d do it

Moelter: Wait i thought i was in #jquery

Dasgupta: If most people in #jquery recommend avoiding jquery _then_ we have a problem

Wilda: No there are quite a few people in that chan that are pretty awesomely helpful

Onken: Gonna invite them all to my house some day for a big party

Suazo: Should probably sell a guide for $50 on how to make money honestly. 1. fish for jquery jobs, 2. join #jquery and paste job specs 3. profit

Provost: You can come too Kamuela

Klamert: Haha where is this house

Wideman: Or

Kinsky: Its pretty alright. ill add you to the list and let you know when it’s time

Daty: Meanwhile you should probably get some sleep :

Bowerman: Too busy watching a tutorial about postgres lol

Digiacinto: Getting ready to make The Switch from mongreldb

Dutchess: Im actually getting ready to make The Switch from postgres to neo4j

Howry: I’ve worked with postgres before rather blindly but too much beginners luck was involved

Wegweiser: Not fully decided yet though

Wohlfarth: Is that the graph db?

Magwood: Yup supposedly its what all the big boys use these days

Sparano: I don’t even know how that works conceptually

Cephas: Hi. Can you recommend me a good free javascript obfuscator?

Stenquist: Anyway gotta run have a _great_ day!

Okolo: Chargen, i’d help but i’m not free unfortunately

Caminos: If i’ve got a form/input element, like this: select onchange=”jQuery’#edit-generate’.click; console.log’wtf’;” id=”edit-style” name=”style” cl***=”form-select”

Ebbighausen: Why wouldnt the .click event fire, but the console.log does?

Cormany: The ID of the element ‘#edit-generate’ exists, its a button

Matsunaga: B0x, .click is a listening event

Schmille: B0x, you want .trigger”click”

Avino: The generally idea stands but i may have gotten the syntax wrong

Trimnal: Benckendorf, i don’t habeeb

Benckendorf: But it is clearer to call trigger

Wadkins: Still outputs the clog

Benckendorf: B0x: no elelments match the selector, or the click event has no effect

Moreno: B0x, is that code before jquery is loaded?

Copes: Like is it higher up in the source