Kamuela: I’m using an.

Weyrick: Jquery loaded in head

Edmund: So jquery is loaded in your head

Benckendorf: Before jquery it would likely cause an error

Gascho: Using $ instead of jQuery throws an error

Benckendorf: And the console.log wouldn’t be reached

Nickel: Input type=”submit” id=”edit-generate” name=”generate” value=”Generate” cl***=”form-submit ajax-processed”

Provorse: At that point, i’d do a whole bunch of random stuff like wrapping it all in a function and testing that, etc

Barretto: But that’s my thought process, i’m more of a hacker

Benckendorf: Console.logjQuery’#edit-generate’.length

Nogueras: Benckendorf, so when you’re using a debugger, you could actually freeze the app at a certain point and have a console to work with all the existing data?

Lepping: Gonna have to make that investment soon

Stofsky: Console returns “1” :/

Benckendorf: B0x: okay, so the click event isn’t having an effect

Benckendorf: How does the handler get set up?

Chafetz: Its a drupal form form api

Claire: Not sure what you mean

Benckendorf: You’re apparently sending the click event and expecting something to happen, but it doesn’t

Benckendorf: Maybe it’s not set up to

Zahner: I can click the button

Gettinger: So it works, i just want the button to be clicked when a form element is changed

Saba: Is there any way that I can provide dynamic method in my cl***? like func1, func2 and so on

Widder: B0x, want to try it with an external event handler? rather than relying on onchange

Mccargo: Targeting a different button works

Nedina: Try changing the id of the input element you are targeting

Condray: Input type=”submit” id=”edit-preview” name=”preview” value=”Preview” cl***=”form-submit”

Shott: Can’t be done man. sorry. it’s an actual curse

Dimalanta: Benckendorf: any ideas?

Tronstad: Select onchange=”jQuery’#dance’.trigger’click’; console.logjQuery’#edit-generate’.length;” id=”edit-style” name=”style” cl***=”form-select ajax-processed”

Catacun: Input type=”submit” id=”dance” name=”generate” value=”Generate” cl***=”form-submit ajax-processed”

Villandry: Do I need to use .live or something?

Jang: I dont think the button is generated by ajax

Gastello: Https://jsfiddle.net/e7jf2b79/ ; could someone guide ?

Basurto: But i remember having to use live on such things

Lohrmann: Nup .live.trigger didnt do anything

Lamborn: How can I debug/find an element lack of clickability? I see lots of element’s properties in the developer tools in Chrome and Safari, but I have no idea what to look for.

Mcdonnall: Lamborn, lack of clickability? you can click anything except b0x’s #edit-generate

Lamborn: Kamuela: is that an discussion room?

Lamborn: Kamuela: I can click other elements outside div#header. I see no pointer events and z-indexes seem ok. I can’t narrow down the bug since ANY change to the css in the developer tools fixes the clickability :

Alvares: Lamborn, I’m a bit tired, could you try to rephrase your issue?

Gastello: Hmm. can i ask again?

Lamborn: Kamuela: Of course. I have a div which contents are not clickable links, text, anything there must be a property that indicates so, but I don’t know any other than pointer events or cursor. Do you know what should I look for?

Kirton: Lamborn, a property that indicates so? check for event handlers, but you’ll have to use an inspector there’s no way in javascript to do it

Forpahl: Lamborn, you may have an event listener for div#header that’s listening for clicks and not doing something you remembered

Lamborn: Kamuela: I’m using an inspector. I asked here because javascript programmers know about element’s properties and DOM stuff