Kamuela: though it felt.

Steman: Keitsock: Nope, I haven’t yet, but I’ll google a text node

Heinze: Got it working. Thanks for that tip.

Itnyre: I’m experiencing strange behavior WRT dates http://pastie.org/private/pwmbzbggsh1kze3z3ennla

Keitsock: Kellytk: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Date/getMonth

Miranda: Keitsock: I incorrectly ***umed the data type would be in a human format. It was a good lesson to consult the API do***entation earlier

Blankenbeckle: What is the correct way to perform the operation on line 3 in http://pastebin.com/JdQdx2ZD

Aley: Kellytk, .getMonth + 1 ?

Dhamer: Is ++ invalid syntax in JS?

Yerigan: Isn’t an increment what I was aiming for?

Espaillat: The return value of getMonth

Harnly: Var humanMonth = currentDate.getMonth + 1

Testman: I’ve got that in place and it’s functioning as expected

Rapisura: What does ++ do here?

Harnly: It post-increments a variable

Harnly: So it does nothing, because the variable didn’t exist in the first place

Wehrman: I read in the docs that getDate is 1-based, while getMonth is 0-based. Is that an inconsistency in the API?

Harnly: I just avoid ++, I always write x += 1 and it’s all clear

Hairell: Kellytk, the date api comes from java

Labrie: And it depends on how you look at it

Quenzer: How is it not inconsistent?

Harnly: Kellytk, it is convinient at least

Allison: Month is a fixed number of things, so it’s an index. The day of the month isn’t a fixed number of things, so it refers to the number, not an index

Gwin: Terrone: Thanks, that’s an interesting take. I can see it now

Gastello: Https://jsfiddle.net/wLyauuzk/ ; how to click on it. i could never understand what to use and how , click, validate, submit etc. etc. is there any tutorial as well ?

Brook: Element.style.property = ‘foo’ doesn’t work on Firefox and when I tried to check caniuse I don’t see anything relevant for the query ‘.style’

Brook: Harnly: http://jsfiddle.net/w9ahLvx3/ doesn’t work on Firefox

Brook: At first I thought maybe Firefox stable doesn’t have support for addEventListener and I tested that separately to see it works as caniuse says

Brook: But the .style never applies

Benckendorf: Pos never changes from 0 for me, so pos 500 is always false

Brook: On chrome it changes. Same as Opera and Safari

Harnly: Perhaps has something to do with position:fixed

Brook: I can’t imagine why that should affect

Brook: But if I was to look up caniuse for support with Element.style , what should I be checking for?

Gastello: Https://jsfiddle.net/e7jf2b79/ ; could someone guide ?

Harnly: Brook, every browser supports that

Benckendorf: Brook: the problem isn’t with that

Benckendorf: The problem is the line isn’t reached because the condition is false

Benckendorf: Put a console.log there and see

Benckendorf: Smgs: name and id are required to be the same if you give both

Brook: Then it has to be with do***ent.body.scrollTop not being accurate in FF

Gastello: PLEASE mention my nick Benckendorf. i shall read laters. thans

Husul: Can someone explain why this is working, and outputting the element? I wasn’t expecting it too: script type=”text/javascript”console.logdo***ent.getElementById”111″; /scriptdiv id=”111″aaaaaa/div

Filla: The element does come after the inline script

Flyzik: Hi! Anybody know why window.history.replaceState stopped working for local files in the latest Chrome?

Vanvliet: Hi, Anyone known of any good simple slider range plugins?

General: Kamuela: though it felt good, my problem still stands