I guess I shouldn’t be so.

Gerwitz: Lamborn, try this in a script at the absolute bottom of the page: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/EventTarget/removeEventListener

Hendrikson: And see if it fixes it

Berwald: If it does, something somewhere is adding an event listener

Lamborn: Kamuela: oh, now that you mention it… I DID have “Disable Javascript” checked in the developer menu in Safari I’m inspecting the iphone’s issue in the computer’s developer tools but in the “timeline” tab I still see constantly loading javascript events and “layout and rendering”. Both constantly working.

Lamborn: Kamuela: let me try that. And the “loading” wheel in the iPhone is always spinning. I hope it’s not eating my quota of data :

Gastello: Lamborn are you running javascript on iphone! how ?

Lamborn: Smgs: I’m not running it. I’m disabling it, from the dev tools in the computer iphone tethered

Lamborn: Kamuela: I added that script in the footer… but google oauth keeps adding its own script at the very bottom after mine. It seems the developer tool’s “disable javascript” does not apply to the iPhone.

Lamborn: Kamuela: Anyway, the events remover didn’t make them clickable. miamifishing.com

Lamborn: Smgs: It seems the developer tool’s “disable javascript” does not apply to the iPhone. I guess that’s why you asked.

Hadnott: Lamborn, which is the element that’s currently unclickable? give me a visual description so i don’t open devtools

Lamborn: Kamuela: the whole header with links and red phone button in iPhone or small device

Lamborn: Kamuela: sorry, I linked the url you gave me directly as src of script : let me do it right

Barsh: Lol i feel like i’ve been there

Lamborn: Kamuela: The link you sent me doesn’t say how to remove the event listeners for ALL the elements. I need a target, and I have no idea which div has the issue.

Credell: Also, just try do***ent.body

Lamborn: Kamuela: ok, there is just one wrapper. I’ll try both. Sorry I thought there were more parents.

Lamborn: Kamuela: How do I know what listener to remove? :

Spirk: Lamborn, was kinda hoping you’d get to that point and solve it lol. i did read that part and couldnt’ come up with anything straightforward

Lamborn: Kamuela: thanks for the spark though

Morten: Lamborn, best I could find is a totally different approach like this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19469881/javascript-remove-all-event-listeners-of-specific-type

Celaya: You could clone do***ent.body i’m pretty sure, obviously it’ll be slow as hell, but you’re debugging so that’d be fine

Lamborn: Shouldn’t I be able to see all events or properties of the nodes in the developer tools? I just need to know what to look for in there. There are hundreds of atts

Delhierro: Https://plus.google.com/+AddyOsmani/posts/9WvgE2K2QTF like this, yes. but i dunno how you could get all of them in one easy view

Miernik: Https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/dom-and-styles#viewing-element-event-listeners

Lamborn: I know. last time I checked you only see the jquery page where they are processed, not where they are applied. I saw some extension for chrome for that… I think.

Gehron: Lamborn, when I click on the HTML element in devtools, it does seem to get a list of click events on the do***ent

Absher: And it’s jquery mobile, widgets.js, and onloadwff.js

Stobierski: I set an event listener breakpoint and tried to click, maybe you can test that and see what happens

Swithenbank: Any idea how i can see the post values or what will be inserted into the dom on jsfiddle?

Flor: Web design is such a joke

Flor: Kamuela_iOS: because in most cases it is

Schock: Explain though what do you mean

Flor: Kamuela_iOS: the times when it’s not, there is tons of money poured into it, and the design doesn’t try to be revolutionary

Flor: I guess I shouldn’t be so bold with my statement