Kamuela: generally the.

Hachey: Or ill redo the entire thing with multiple files being each command somehow

Donelon: Lamie: It’s a base p****r that p****s an discussion message into its component parts as per the generic rules of the discussion RFCs.

Deross: Since my thing is also an “discussion-message”, but with more details, I needed another name for it.

Cluckey: Lol **** i didn’t realize i was out of disk space

Fritzpatrick: Better download some more

Falzone: 3d printing another drive

Kimple: I’m not a huge fan using an object for a switch statement tbh

Kimple: You can’t share the things on the parent scope without possibly p***ing a bunch of crap in

Murdaugh: Meaning you prefer switch statements

Wires: Well they’d cost less

Kimple: Thats probably very hard to say

Polosky: If you inlined your response i guess they’d cost less

Kimple: It could go either way.

Reynaldo: But a function call within a switch case is probably the same as an object method lookup

Kimple: Well if its going to be a function call anyway

Kimple: Then sure put it in the object

Kimple: But otherwise it’s usually just another place you have to look when looking for the code

Streitnatter: So my web leaderboard is terrible; redoing it, any suggestions on dynamically generating tables and populating them with data from JSON? ordered by rank lowest time in MS

Delon: I tried dynatable but its a pain in the *** to dynamically make the tabler

Kimple: And you often have to p*** a ton of stuff in or put it in an object which you don’t always really want to do.

Boemer: Tcsc, and if you can’t easily map your test case to the method name then you end up putting in logic anyway

Kimple: Hmm. maybe. tbh unit testing isn’t a thing i have a ton of experience with since it doesn’t work well in most parts of a game.

Kimple: I could believe that testing would make you want those in an object though

Booser: Giraffe_, write your data to a proper database. perform some SQL to fetch relavent data. what is this dynamic tables nonsense?

Marusarz: Er, generate tables on the fly

Dealy: Id prefer to use json i tried rethinkdb wasnt too good

Laflam: Tcsc, why doesn’t it work well in most parts of a game?

Kimple: Mainly because games are sort of all about state

Claessens: Giraffe_, what about rethinkdb didn’t you like?

Kimple: And the more state you have the harder things are to test automatically

Myrick: Giraffe_, why would you want to generate tables on the fly? sounds like you are confusing results with tables.

Burtle: Backing up data was annoying doesnt actually save the data

Ebersol: Its an discussion racing bot, so someone may add a game

Kimple: But also because there are a lot of intangable things like fun, or feel that would be serious problems if you, uh, had a regression there

Dodridge: A game. is just more data, that’s not a reason to have new tables

Kimple: I’m not talking about tables

Hortillosa: Every game has its own table zap0

Hervol: Giraffe_, is every game have different types of data?

Rameau: Tcsc, think he was talking to Giraffe_

Reznicek: You should be sorry tcsc d:

Amoe: I know srsly it’s always about him

Nanni: Giraffe_, if they have the same types of data, why are you making new tables? your ideas about data and datastorage seem odd.

Lampo: But now that i checked the doc, eveyr game has its own page and then theres HTML tables for every goal in that game any%, 100 stars, whatever

Kimple: Kamuela: generally the really really hard to debug things in games arent the things you can write unit tests for. imo you’re better off spending your time writing visualizations instead