So it basically the way its.

Costin: I’m the nicest guy you will ever meet,

Parnes: Only molehill being exaggerated was their own.

Parnes: I’m sorry, who are you, and i’m not a bro

Soverns: Parnes: never mind, things like that to

Leep: Holy crap BoardGameGeek’s markup is a festering pile.

Gett: Anyone know why the Terminus font loads fine on Chrome, but not FF?

Rohanna: AMcBain: haha, yeah, it’s not good at all

Rohanna: AMcBain: supposedly, they’re working on a rewrite. But they’re doing small pieces at a time.

Cassem: Yeah. Doing it all at once might be too much.

Siemers: I keep my collection list there.

Rohanna: I think it’s like one person doing the dev for BGG

Rohanna: They did a reddit AMA on r/boardgames

Parnes: It’s probably not one of those people who’s conducive to teamwork

Kalscheuer: Well, sometimes not a lot of people are interested in helping behind the scenes or don’t have the time either, and the main dev doesn’t end up with a lot of time or sometimes runs out of interest.

Rohanna: Also, I doubt that a BGG can play for a whole team of devs to work on

Devreese: There’s another site I’m on that works reasonably well and has a few improvement areas but the main dev hasn’t done a lot in a while due to being busy.

Buhr: Yeah, they seem to just get donations for keeping hosting costs down.

Vanbibber: Though if they had an actual drive to pay for developers they might get it.

Rohanna: They should figure out some way to get a paid version of bgg or something. A couple dollars a month for something

Parnes: I’m sure there would be volunteers if the site’s code was available on github or something

Parnes: I’m also sure they’d be generally terrible

Rohanna: The thread

Parnes: I’m even sure they’ve gotten unsolicited offers for help

Rohanna: Ah, I guess they kind of already have a paid version. They have the donation thing that gives you geekgold

Nicholl: Right, but that’s mostly to cover hosting costs I thought. I don’t know if they get enough from that to pay a full time developer.

Rohanna: AMcBain: seems like daniel karp is full time there

Mineah: Oh, well then hopefully we’ll see some improvements eventually.

Rohanna: Unless I’m not reading it right

Spagna: Hah, funny. “Smash Up: The Obligatory Cthulhu Set” is named “Smash Up: Cthulhu Fhtagn!” for the French edition.

Aponta: I want to show vertical scroll bar in div

Gandia: The vert scroll bar appears when I hover mouse and drag.but it disappears when I move out the mouse or don’t do any action

Wipf: This is my css for the div

Oginski: Border: 1px solid #E6E6E6;

Kleiner: I also tred overflow-why:scroll but it dpes’t work

Esmont: Uh, it’s much preferable to use a pastebin than to spam 10 lines.

Kennemer: AMcBain, Preferred live pastebins:

Ryker: Http://

Brazil: Why not a live testcase example on a live pastebin? Those styles by themselves would cause a scrollbar if the height of the element is 310px but you said it goes away on hover out which means either you’re on a Mac of some kind or there’s other styles selecting and turning off the overflow when not on hover.

Parnes: That’s just how osx scrollbars work

Zephyr: Overflow-why: “The overflow is part of the universe man, it happens because.”

Vescio: When I type overflow-Y it becomes overflow-why

Parnes: You can turn that off

Fatigate: So it basically the way its workig currently is the behaviour in mac.correct?