Giraffe_, conceptually,.

Balboa: Tcsc, seems like there’s even this:

Spielman: Zap0:Phaser uses pixi IIRC

Eiland: Tcsc, just read a p2 example. looks good.

Doleman: Rcyr, what is Phaser?

Carriere: What do you think about SteamOS and OpenGL vs DX in general tcsc

Spielman: Zap0: A popular game framework

Kimple: I like opengl because i know it better than dx but neither is really that different from the other

Kimple: Dx has a cleaner api probably

Kimple: Gl works on more places

Whitbeck: One thing that was always touted that never made sense when I was more of a noob in my thinking, still a noob in practice was the whole idea of open source being better because you have the source

Payton: But now i realize, holy **** yeah that’s really a plus

Zozaya: How could I accomplish this with destructuring?

Shrieves: Let R = ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’; let glob = ”; R.forEache = { glob = glob.concate; }; // glob === ‘abc’

Vitanza: It means that you can choose a technology and be ***ured that you can modify it as your needs change later

Kimple: And steamos isn’t what a lot of people think it is. it’s really just them making a console and basing the os on linux and open sourcing it + contributing patches back in order to make the game development story on linux better

Kimple: Yeah having the source is huge. thats one big downside to unity

Wince: I’m happy that many many companies are going with an open source model

Kimple: But unreal is better in pretty much every way imo. we only used unity because they had the webgl export first.

Cadle: I think one of the best models is open sourcing your project and then charging enterprise for specific development that they need and support

Kimple: That works for some things. wouldn’t for a game, for example

Ecton: And i suppose it wouldn’t for a game engine really

Spielman: Nikesh: Something like

Spielman: Bs const x = ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’; console.log”.concat.x;

Spielman: B const x = ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’; console.log”.concat.x;

Kimple: Kamuela: it could. but probably not very well. game engines are very expensive

Linsky: So i’ve asked before, but i forget, atm i have an discussion bot with a huge if else, how can I clean that up? I think buu recommended commandscommand, but im not sure how to do that

Lemert: Tcsc, my thinking was that if you have enough money to develop a game on an existing engine and pay the engine designer to accomodate you, you already have the talent to inhouse that development

Spielman: Nikesh: But seriously. .join exists 😛

Rama: Giraffe_:

Spielman: Giraffe_: You can often optimize a bunch of ifs by using an object like a dictionary

Jourdain: Tcsc, but then hey maybe not. maybe you really just have performance concerns on particular platforms or whatever, and your devs are much better at making the game than fiddling with the lower level stuff

Hoskin: For a huge example of the switch object pattern.

Kimple: Kamuela: not necessarially true, but it is true in the cases that make a lot of money

Goard: Havvy: i still need to switch to Tennu when i bother not being lazy lol

Blassingame: Giraffe_: Line 378 is the important line.

Kilb: Fyi havvy theres an discussion-colors node package

Hirliman: If that interests you at all

Clingman: Giraffe_: I know about it. It doesn’t interest me personally.

Kozub: I think ill switch to an object once i get leaderboards working

Kalvaitis: Giraffe_, conceptually, what you can do is make an object that has all of your functions. and if you name the functions according to the command, you can use the input string and p*** the first into that object like commandsstring