Iwanejko: But they also use iOS Human Interface Guidelines see: man pages which basically have no reference or preference for checkboxes.

Bibber: Ah, right, so you can’t get them to work at all?

Iwanejko: I’ve tried CSS :checked-based buttons, but to no avail.

Wikstrom: Or you can’t get them to look pretty?

Wraggs: Can you get their state?

Iwanejko: I can’t get native input type=”checkbox” to work.

Iwanejko: Not sure, still learning the program.

Trotti: I’m pretty good with CSS styling form elements, but not in that environment

Iwanejko: The CSS checkboxes are a response to the input checkboxes not working.

Iwanejko: I’d rather the latter.

Iwanejko: But they just don’t work.

Iwanejko: I can add my own JS to it, but I’m not sure at what level that’s needed.

Hummel: What is the JS supposed to do then?

Iwanejko: The widget I’m trying to learn from was built by a third-party widget vendor.

Kears: Is this part of an app or a website?

Schmandt: Hello everyone, I’m pretty new to JS, Ajax and jQuery. I’ve seen people use things like $do***ent.something

Forry: What does the $ part mean? Thanks!

Mcdiarmid: It selects a certain DOM element

Muncey: Gillice, isn’t there something like queryElement or something similar?

Prchal: To select DOM elements?

Reineck: Numline1: in javascript some special characters are accepted as names for variables, $ is just a function that’s used by jquery for a number of things

Cinque: Numline1: well that’s what jQuery is supposed to make easier 😛

Stricklan: That’s the $ structure basically

Iwanejko: An app, kind of. Anyways, they’ve managed to make it work within an ePUB file. I’m going through the files that build the widget, and they use JS to import HTML into the main.html file.

Coler: I can’t jquery #help #

Halsell: Numline1, here’s a cool site that shows you jquery alternatives

Odenwald: Http://youmightnotneedjquery.com/

Jamar: Oh that’s pretty cool, so it’s just a function, cheers guys

Marcos: Is that the site I absolutely hate?

Schrager: Of course I don’t -need- jQuery

Iwanejko: Either way, I’m just trying to see if there’s an easier way to go through the JS.

Wolma: It’s just a nice reference to see how to do jquery things vanilla

Herforth: I don’t need a supermarket within walking distance either

Gelzinis: I don’t need 2 monitors

Eischen: But it’s very convenient

Winnewisser: Gillice, did you go to it? haha it’s not telling you to not use jquery

Reineck: You don’t need 2 monitors

Notch: But then I also need a VESA mount for it or my desk will get too crowded

Delarme: And those cost as much as a new monitor

Clan: You don’t _need_ a mac for webdev

Reineck: Ergotron has nice ones

Reineck: But yeah they’re pricey, especially Ergotron is pricey

Karney: But yeah, you need a mac for web dev

Alvelo: Im an arch kind of guy myself

Trudelle: I think on a scale of 1 to 10, jQuery is more useful for webdev than a Macbook

Stemple: This also works out on other scales

Irmeger: Steeze: i’m pretty happy with ubuntu

Boese: Heck I’ll admit it, I’m even using unity while at it

Reineck: You could do webdev on an iPad

Marcrum: But guys, i installed like 20 updates in the past day

Braskey: Unity the game engine?

Samra: Rolling release baby haha

Ellias: Horita: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo