Hi im trying to put an.

Teresi: Mpaolo: i see there is a plugin https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/wordpress-bootstrap-css/

Mchaffie: Yeah i am not too savvy but you can have bootstrap installed

Bellinger: The theme i am using uses bootstrap

Gochal: Django_: what are you really asking when you ask for “guidelines”…. aside from keep it as simple as possible, keep it readable, and don’t be afraid to add comments?

Pienta: Ok, for a page.php I made a page-custom.php and wanted to change the location of the sidebar. Using the 2012 theme I made a div inside it I put get_sidebar; http://pastebin.com/b1S4KSzU and in style.css I did: .left-sidebar .widget-area {

Salamanca: Nope… I’ve done similar things myself.

Piccolomini: Though I generally count on body cl***es when working with custom page templates

Dutschmann: I think the next step is to not even depend on a theme and create files as I got following the hierarchy

Whitegoat: Hey guys, in appearence menus, if you change screen options to include product categories, how do you view product counts against those categories? I’m guessing i’m missing something? Or is there a plugin that aids in building out the main menu better / easier with product counts and the hierachy?

Kubecka: What does “not depend on a theme” mean?

Roaf: Ill always need a theme

Gourdin: Django_: a lean, mean, underscores based machine!

Sandigo: Sterndata: you know how you can use underscores.me Id like to create my own theme in that sense

Aldrete: I start almost all my sites with _s

Amadi: Ryan–: do you want the count to appear on appearance – menus or on the menu as viewed on the front end?

Bridwell: Basically, shopping site so trying to build out a proper decent menu based on the products and product categories is a nightmare

Okerblom: I suspect you’d have to do some coding to make that happen, ryan–

Vanniello: Most used tab for example is ok, but it only goes so far. Having to then view all, bounce between 5 or so pages of categories and build something out of that without knowing the product count against it or the heirachy etc

Flamenco: There not any modules that counter this? would imagine its a common issue

Reikowsky: I’m not seeing any plugins searching for “woo product count appearance menu”. Your google-fu may differ.

Halim: Yeah i’ve been searching as well, tends to go too much on the frontend

Tookes: Product data imported, categories too, then trying to build out a slimmed down key category structure from that

Hunkins: Can do it with multiple browsers open, frontend and backend, but seems quite ****

Arevalo: I think a logical order understandable by the viewer is probably more important than ordering by number of products. My 2 cents.

Alborn: Its just a list split into pages that’s flat though currently, unless i’m missing something?

Gandee: There is no hierachy being displayed apart from on the ‘most viewed’ tab

Tsasie: Then maybe I don’t understand what it is you want

Harrett: If you go to appearance menus click screen options to include ‘product categories’

Wittler: Then open the product categories tab, click ‘view all’ it throws say a 100 categories split into about 15 or so per page with no hierachy

Bowels: Only hierachy being displayed here is in the ‘most used’ tab

Reta: So my options become trolling through all of those without any knowledge / view of hierachy and product count, or whacking them all into the menu and slowly going through killing them off one by one and reordering, its a nightmare

Biggerstaff: On view all, I still see a hiearchy

Marc: You do? it’s all flat for me

Mooneyhan: But my test data doesn’t have that many cats

Telep: Hiearchy is only being shown on ‘most viewed’

Schusted: Ah that’s likely why then

Messore: Http://imgur.com/jQBbFAa

Daddea: Hi im trying to put an image into my header.php file in my wordpress installation, and i entered in img src “url” and then publish, then upon code inspection wordpress is adding all these other elements to my img tag re-asking for blank properties. please check it out on http://skyfiredesign.net/safariwire