I’m using this kind of.

Kalkman: Zumba_addict: by writing on the prototype, you are creating a property which is shared across all the instances

Meggison: So I can really save the old value of style.width ?!

Kiraly: Got it, very interesting

Tisinger: I already did it with the div right inside it, which I am able to mangle the width of,

Hepfer: But for the future I will keep this in mind! Thank you!

Glasier: Sometimes jsfiddle is great ;-

Espenlaub: One more question then

Modena: I can ask this in #css also

Tepperberg: How do I negate a border around an input

Herby: Say it has a 1x border

Gawel: Do I make margin: -1px ?

Poeppel: I want the border to appear though

Teper: Maybe I need css outline?

Feldstein: If you want the border to be part of the width then box-sizing

Kalkman: I’m not sure what you mean by negate then

Kalkman: EGreg: did you read that article I linked? you might not want to use offsetWidth

Kalkman: There are different props depending which parts of the box model you want to include

Leverton: I don’t use offsetWidth

Kalkman: Well.then you might want to use offsetWidth

Mayette: I use boundingrect usually

Fallis: Is there anyway to get GPS location of the device? thanks

Kalkman: I don’t recall which is which by the article explains it

Filary: I missed your link to the article btw

Kalkman: Smgs: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Geolocation/Using_geolocation

Zampieri: I read John Resig years writing years ago about getBoundingClientRect

Kalkman: 12:19 Kalkman EGreg: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/CSS_Object_Model/Determining_the_dimensions_of_elements

Guardado: Which does everything the most correctly for you it’s what jQuery uses for is”:visible” and width stuff

Morch: Aha, transforms apparently make a difference, that’s what the article mentions, ok.

Boydstun: I usually would need boundingrect.

Halterman: Aha I guess the answer is to have a border the whole time

Shappell: Since I am not able to compensate for it later

Fallis: Kalkman: thanks. it works only on that page. i tried to run it on JSfiddle, but on clicking the “Show my Location” button nothing happens

Reado: Has anyone of you ever thought about this? I just posted it. I hope you guys have encountered it before and was hoping if you can share your ideas – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32657386/remove-dev-sit-code-when-grunt-build-is-for-prod

Ingraham: There are browserify global vars if i recall correctly

Bishoff: Depends on how you are bundling your code

Winkelmann: I don’t think we are using browserify

Spinetti: What would be the best way to sort by distance in this object:

Waycaster: Https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/Z61CkfNw/

Snuggs: Hover, maybe use of underscore or lodash?

Rechichi: Hover, first you need an array, if you want order

Paluso: Running on Node.js, so maybe something a little lighter than those libs?

Nightengale: Object.keyso.couriers.mapfunctiona { return o.couriersa; }.sortfunctiona,b {return a.distance-b.distance;}

Hyslop: You could put the key inside the object, if you don’t want to lose it

Citrin: Yea you guna need to change how that data is formatted

Doemelt: Yansanmo: very silly question, but how would I log that to console?

Rethmeier: Zumba_addict: requirejs + r.js pragmas/has

Challen: Torkable: yes, I know. But never really used a return statement before.

Rethmeier: I’m using this kind of method.