By default it’s in head.

Heckert: Also I can allow comments per article/page but that doesn’t seem to change anything

Egel: Astra1: that’s one really messed up theme — fixed widths all over the place. I sthis for a new site?

Schneller: It was built a few years back by someone else, i just took over here and just trying to straighten the site out

Wente: You might do better by building a new theme that’s responsive and not try to retrofit stuff onto this one.

Kimball: Astra1 I’d get a new theme and go from there if I were you

Wethern: Astra1, sorry about the awol-ness. my bad. but yeah messed up theme. even if you wanted to put them side-by-side you still would probably want to whack that height

Wethern: Either modifying the child theme or the theme directly if it’s a custom theme or adding your own CSS rule to override that one

Jonathan: Though your immediate problem is .inventory_car_listing li { height:auto }

Evanski: Astra1: Google result for css specificity –

Keany: Astra1: though your immediate problem is .inventory_car_listing li { height:auto }

Blizard: Sorry page stopped working had to reload

Kornn: So i am in the css editor

Wansing: And i found the line with the height 256 px

Houff: Change it to auto or remove it entirely

Denslow: Sweet that worked for now

Molt: I will certainly consider going with a new updated theme, just need to have it working for right now. Appreciate the help you all are the best in here!

Lind: Hello all, I’m hoping someone can help. There is someone getting in my site and posting weird things about writing essays and tricks to become a better writer.

Kaiser: This is definitly someone not affilated with our organization.

Emma: I can;t figure out how they are getting in.

Maclin: I changed the p***words.

Eisel: I’m seeing things like:”GET /wp-admin/post-new.php HTTP/1.1″ 200 28084

Dugdale: Johnnyeng:: hacked most likely by a bot

Siverly: I don’t understand how they can get in.

Dugdale: Johnnyeng:: exploiting a known vulnerability in a plugin and possibly your server

Dugdale: They dont need a p***word

Dugdale: Your site may also now be trying to hack other sites, or sending out emails as well

Kuokkanen: Might be a permissions thing.

Eslinger: Do you know of a best practice doc for permissions?

Dugdale: Well permissions is probably part of the problem, but if you’re running suphp or anything like that permissions wont *really* matter

Dugdale: You’ll really have to do an investigation and spend hours figuring out what it did and what it touched

Dugdale: How it got in, and how to stop it

Dugdale: What plugins do you have?

Collinson: Makes sense daynascully

Dugdale: Gravity forms tends to be pretty insecure and a high value target

Finnie: Don’t have that one.use Contact From 7

Dickhaut: Https://

Rothman: Thinking it might be the one with the vuln.

Slodysko: Https://

Dugdale: Usually something that takes input from users should be suspect

Dugdale: But you’ll need to do an audit on your site, what files changed, what aren’t legitimate, etc

Springe: Does anyone know if it’s possible to enqueue a .js file in the head of the do***ent?

Dugdale: Https://

Badertscher: I also have a couple plugins that allow for php in a post.

Ramsbottom: Jfive, yup, follow Dugdale’s link. it’s an argument for $in_footer. boolean

Remeder: By default it’s in head.