Good old JetBrains, they.

Bergeaux: Palid, we use require.js but what is r.js?

Rethmeier: For dev server we’re getting whole backbone=faux-server and mockjax + routes and stuff, which is not attached in the final build

Rethmeier: Zumba_addict: it’s a tool made by jburke to optimize requirejs modules.

Rethmeier: It does all the compiling magic

Perniciaro: So what I asked in so will be able to handle that?

Rethmeier: If you’re not using require.js’s dynamic loading in your code in production

Riddles: Is there a discussion #zumba?

Rethmeier: Zumba_addict: how big is the app?

Dupas: I’m building it yahkob :

Rethmeier: Because it cant be big if you’re not using r.js with require.js :

Rethmeier: It’s THE default tooling

Boshnack: Let me check if r.js is being used

Rethmeier: It may be for compilation.

Asal: I don’t see it in package.json nor in bower.json

Terrones: Is this the one you are referring to?

Rethmeier: You may be using webpack for building, but I advice using r.js

Youngman: What a sad and insightful story

Siwek: I think i saw webpack somewhere, checking

Rethmeier: Zumba_addict: webpack also have this kind of magic – it removes dead code on compilation automatically.

Rethmeier: But you have to read the docs.

Bigford: I was wrong, i dont wee webpack in package and bower

Rethmeier: Ther’es an awesome example in rjs repo

Occhino: Looks like plain grunt is our build

Pistulka: I heard from our last week’s meeting that in the new app we are building, we are going to use webpack

Balzarine: We are also going to use reactjs and ampersand

Jomes: How would you check an object is an ancestor of another? isPrototypeOf only checks 1 up I think?

Elvis: I think you’d just use instanceof

Elvis: Oh, no, that only works on functions. nevermind.

Dayan: Tcsc, thats worked, thanks

Elvis: I thought you wanted to know like, x = {}, y = Object.createx, z = Object.createy, x instanceof z

Elvis: Err, vice versa, z instanceof x

Elvis: Which would be pretty weird tbh.

Gosey: Var x = {}, y = Object.createx, z = Object.createy; z instanceof x

Mate: Sillyslux: TypeError: invalid ‘instanceof’ operand x

Greenlees: Chrome says Expecting a function in instanceof check, but got #Object

Kotzen: How do you indicate arguments to a function are optional ?

Yamaguchi: I make a options hash

Bachmann: Arg1, options then do***ent it =D

Thach: Maybe not the best way

Kaczmarski: Look at this formatting by Visual Studio/ReSharper: It looks like a rocket :-ยง

Deliberto: That would be a terrible rocket

Sjostrand: I wouldnt leave the planet on that

Giannini: Will javascript ever implement operator overloading

Aust: Someone asked me how to implement logic for a javascript powered motor cycle with

Labombar: It made me very scared for the pilot of the motorcycle

Gerson: While notBrake { . }

Garnier: Could one tell me what the “window variable” of this script would be?:

Seabreeze: Type in window to your console :

Wierson: Window is the top level object in Javascript

Kanode: But what does that given script add to window itself – variable?

Grinstead: Good old JetBrains, they realize they *****ed up and ****ed off all their customers, so they work hard to come up with a way to **** them off even more