I’d use the built-in.

Chiaravalle: Chrome blocks flash windows but not the invisible ones

Cambell: They let very small windows work too I think

Straiton: Like buttons of a media player

Pae: There are js clipboard apis now

Pae: And non-flash media players

Knighton: Thats not the point, I am saying flash is not forbidden

Saller: This particular info I was looking for was about what gpu the user is using for example

Sorrell: I am not sure if flash lets me see that

Gotlib: But I doubt browser does

Weninger: Why do you want to use flash over something else?

Stronach: What kind of info do you need to know about?

Boyington: Http://skyinvestigations.com/intake.html — trying to figure out how to show the notification directly underneath the form cells

Pasquale: Beapot, I don’t care about flash

Hulshoff: Anyone here mind debugging a program for me?

Daven: Getting unexpected for/token

Ramcharan: The kind of info I was looking for was the kind of info that you could decide how much “things” you should be doing for a heavy app

Effler: Like imagine a game with default settings

Anderson: Http://pastie.org/private/fjkqluzjlazc1nf6csor8g

Kindl: If I were to know about cpu or gpu, I could know how heavy I want to use that resource

Haddon: Also please dont put “;” after function { }

Lustig: Unless its var a = new function {};

Filipovich: You may find some stuff within WebGL. The current Chrome has items like navigator.hardwareConcurrency which tells you the core count.

Pahls: For the browser, who would recommend lodash over underscore? It’s a bigger library unless you select certain features etc, but has performance gains otherwise a drop in replacement.

Harnly: Utils, for what exactly? Usually you can get away without any

Batlis: Well I’ll be using the template function that underscore has. and I presume lodash has it too as it’s a fork.

Koulabout: I don’t specifically need it but it’s useful.

Harnly: Utils, you could use a template engine if that’s all you need. Mustache is quite small for example

Heyden: Livescript also bundles it’s own map/filter/reduce/etc functions, not sure if underscores would be better in performance than them too.

Schaupp: Hey guys, I’d like to take a large image and make tiles displaying random 100x100px portions of the large image on html. Can javascript do this? I know I can clip images and set overflow: hidden; but that seems terribly inefficient since the same image would be downloaded a hundred times ***uming there are a hundred tiles. any ideas?

Desrosier: Yeah i have too much logic going on. mustache is a bit too limitted in some cases.

Harnly: Utils, JavaScript has map/filter/reduce builtin

Winik: Yes but they’re apparently slower than that of underscore which are slower than that of lodash for some

Harnly: You’d have to profile this in your particular case

Harnly: But if I had to chose, I’d go with lodash

Harnly: Performance is irrelevant until your code p***es all the tests, and it has been profiled and have been found to be slow

Hakkila: Are you running into performance issues?

Roatch: What’s the difference between js17 and js24? spidermonkey installed both

Hyten: No, not really. It’s a chat application so I’m wanting to get it to be working as smooth as possible, the performance gains will be tiny and may not even be noticeable but it may help towards that smoother interface.

Betton: I like to think of it in the same way as an operating system running on so much. a window opens fairly fast, does the job, but it could be made faster and improve the experience even if it’s a very tiny difference. you can still feel the experience be better.

Urteaga: I’d use the built-in functionality until you have noticeable performance issues.