Hmm, I found that if I add.

Rehart: Id worry about the initial load time morebut even that shouldnt be much

Harnly: Utils, that’ your impression though, as programmers we think it matters. Most of the time the performance bottleneck is going to be the network

Harnly: Minifying, testing, algorithmitc optimization. All of these matter more than mere “performance optimization”

Osso: Utils, I don’t see how a chat application can be slow. If you don’t got wrong with the DOM the amout of data is pretty low

Harnly: I wouldn’t load lodash as a clutch, or any other library for that matter

Harnly: I’d start with plain JS, and find libraries for specific use cases as you go

Blee: I’ve got a lot of libraries already to be honest. I have prelude, eeventemitter2, mustache, emojify just something i made to handle twemoji’s, moment, moment-timezone, and the chat. it’s a fair bit.

Blauman: And of course

Fischbach: Prelude has some stuff yeah. and livescript adds in some stuff too.

Harnly: But prelude and lodash are basically covering the same things

Harnly: Prelude has arguably more

Dempster: Lucyfx: ah okay thanks

Harnly: And works better with LiveScript if that’s what you’ll be using

Klave: Utils, just as a curiosity, how much space take all of this minified?

Eske: It’s all minified right now Hannibal_Smith, not sure how much space it takes lemme check.

Decius: Then there is also foundation on top of that too

Davignon: Minified into a single file or multiple requests?

Errico: Multiple requests. haven’t done bundling. I use slake to compile the livescript but haven’t done anything after that.

Phyfiher: Not really sure how i feel about bundling either, i felel ike having a different bundle per page is a lot of bundles? ***uming they all do slightly different things

Bulleri: If an user is supposed to visit all these pages

Lente: Then you are supposed to have one bundle

Haake: Like a single 500 kb js file for all your code

Greenburg: I was told to only load the stuff i need per page instead of doing it all?

Widgeon: But if an user is going to visit the next page

Mccrossen: Why should he wait for load again?

Febbo: When he could have got that from the cache

Riva: Also 500 kb is going to be 200 kb with gzip so thats really small

Zanders: If you have multiple over-a-mb files, then sure

Pitassi: How does gzip work in the browser?

Jessick: Your server sends gzipped data and browser opens it?

Benach: Oh. so setting a specific header for the js file/s

Barbagallo: Not for the js file, but on the server sidelike in apache settings or whatever you use for settings

Morlas: Ooo so for everything?

Obannon: Yeah, everything you do uses gzip usually

Schubbe: Search for gzip / deflate

Tomaszycki: Oh nice. i dont believe i have that enabled, i will need to check.

Tricoche: A common button for play and pause doesnt work —-,output

Sallee: Http:// -Really nice presentation, but it’s a shame that is so slow

Rabello: Join #chan for a censor-free chat! I’m not op there. nobody is! 😀

Gerardi: I want to convert object into array so I can use .forEach on it, but it doesn’t work.

Lacy: Http://

Harnly: MatixYo, why would it?

Harnly: That’s not an array-like object

Harnly: What would the array look like?

Cone: If you want to iterate the object by its keys you could use Object.keys

Skates: Hmm, I found that if I add length property to it with its length it will convert into array.