Lucyfx: considering the.

Brislin: If I use jquery, If I do var a = $do***ent.findselector;, can I then use a.findotherSelector;?

Chaudoin: It’ll use a as the root.

Brislin: Beepalot: Ok, thank you!

Longbine: I’m having problems w/ browserify-shim and backbone, but I’m new to browserify. It looks like the shim is loading Backbone’s dependencies, but not Backbone. Any ideas?

Biel: Turns out i’m just an es6 newb

Brislin: If I do var a = $do***ent.find’a’;, can I use a.dispatchEventnew MouseEvent’click’, {‘view’: window, ‘bubbles’: true, ‘cancelable’: false};?

Brislin: When I do so in my console, I get TypeError: a.dispatchEvent is not a function.

Rathgeb: That gets you a jquery object not a dom element

Farese: A.get0.dispatchEvent will work

Cone: Or instead of using dispatchEvent you could use trigger

Brislin: Rnx: Cone : That’s great! I succeeded to make it work. : Thank you!

Gerrero: Egasimus: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Jagodzinski: Is there some sort of AST-based? function purity checker available for JavaScript?

Bebeau: Cone: what would its name be?

Cone: I can’t remember the name of the script though xD

Cone: I distincly remember it though

Burtin: Cone: any tips bout how i should search for it?

Schaible: Having trouble getting a replace/”/g,”’” to work it always seems to only replace the first instance.

Cone: Http://

Cone: With uglifyjs you can do it

Steller: Hmm, doesn’t look like it would integrate cleanly with esprima now dows it

Cone: Maybe check on the SpiderMonkey AST?

Cone: Http://

Vigne: UglifyJS can import a SpiderMonkey AST

Collum: Cone: still can’t see anything to do with purity tho :/

Cone: I wouldn’t know about that there :/ sorry

Kaleta: Http:// my contact page is getting validated but not the intake page not sure why

Beel: Hey, does anyone know if I can get some pc info from browser that would be useful for my heavy~ish app?

Sue: Like gpu, ram, cpu info or things like that

Sprott: Is there an api for hardware specs or similar?

Pae: The navigator object will have anything you’re allowed to have

Raygosa: How about using flash to learn about the computer, sending an ajax request to my site, and downloading that in the main page, is this possible albeit a bit wrong?

Pae: Considering how most browsers are disabling flash, and/or putting it behind a confirmation dialog, sure, go ahead

Nastri: They disable the big flash windows, invisible flash is still allowed

Gionta: Like if my flash window is 0x0, its okfor now, anyway

Winger: Someone would help me understand this, how are these two methods different to one another in practice? one way I use prototype to ***ign a function in other method I do so in function constructor? is there big different in these two?

Mixson: Prototype will exist once, the other will be made again and again

Schells: Like with prototype you will be using less resources

Winger: Lucyfx that’s exactly what I was thinking, just not sure if I was horribly wrong or that’s really how it is, I think you are correct, so do I think so

Winger: Hameen please, if you come aroundhappen to be available please highlight me, Im stuck on something big and can’t see how it works but it’s crucial for me to understand this thoroughly, please if you’ve time let me know you are here so I can ask, thanks :

Pae: Lucyfx: considering the security implications, no, invisible flashes are just as forbidden