IAd Producer and iBooks.

Hsiang: Yansanmo: depends on text alignment iirc

Nesin: Literphor: I have the data from this PDF as a JSON object

Groombridge: PDFs are garbage for extracting info from, its an exercise in futility but good luck.

Harpel: Gillice, Did you make the JSON object?

Weidenheimer: Gillice, what is the ‘x’ of “4016/3 .” ?

Victorica: Literphor: I used pdf2json for that

Brecht: Gillice, THANK YOU! That would be the answer to my question

Willougby: Literphor: I did mention it 😛

Peedin: Yansanmo: that’s 20.858 together with the rest of the description

Ruthstrom: And then what is the ‘x’ of “7255 CRAB” ?

Egidio: X: 20.858, y:18.582, text: 4016/3 CRAB CAPITAL DP SWITCH

Sinisi: Filter all the ‘x’ = 20.858

Iwanejko: Is anyone here familiar with working in iAd Producer?

Skwara: Yansanmo: it’s probably not what I’m going to do, but that’s basically how I’m approaching it

Keesey: If two strings are w/in some % of each other on the Y axis?

Tacderan: I’m likely indeed going to use the fact the 2nd line is within consistent distance of the 1st

Gleaves: Man i love it when a plan comes together

Gleaves: But no one around here knows the troubles and elation of accomplishing programming problems…

Heller: I know exactly how to solve it, I’m just completely blocking

Daigle: That data structure looks HORRIBLE! Good luck dude. You might be better off parsing it yourself

Oldham: I don’t speak JS anymore D:

Evanski: Literphor: really? I found it surprisingly convenient

Brech: I didn’t even expect to get proper chunks of texts from a PDF

Northam: Gillice, Boks have a natural order from left to right top to bottom. Having XY coordinates seems super complicated to iterate over, why not just preesent the data in the order it’s gathered?

Holman: I just wouldn’t want to work with it. I sure as hell don’t want to think of a book in XY coordinates

Iwanejko: Anyone know how to make sifting through obfuscated JS easier?

Kapuscinski: Literphor: I will use the order as well

Bernskoetter: Literphor: first I’ll find the first item of the order Line# in the pic, and then I’ll grab everything from that same y-coordinate

Tiotuico: That’ll reliably be Line#, Quantity, Item Number, Unit, VAT Code, Price, Pricing Quantity and Line Total

Newill: Gillice, Oh I see so it does maintain it’s order? The XY are just extra bits of information then?

Martincic: Literphor: oh yes, it’s not completely random

Howk: Literphor: but it indeed reads from left to right, top to bottom, dumbly

Kitelinger: Literphor: invoices often use columns, in which case data obviously ends up scrambled a bit

Jacinthe: It’ll read from column 1, then column 2, then column 1 next line, etc.

Neel: The one thing I don’t really like is that I don’t really have another way of figuring out what an order line is other than its unique x position

Lavanchy: If they ever change their invoice so another item is at that x, it’ll cause some trouble

Bjorkman: I guess I could make an exclusion list though

Iwanejko: I know this seems like trolling, but I’m actually serious. I’m trying to figure out how an iBook widget is getting its checkboxes to work, and I need to sift through its unminified but obfuscated JS to figure it out.

Hocutt: Iwanejko: can’t you just make something similar?

Bonomi: What do you want to know about it? how it’s animated or its actual action?

Iwanejko: How they got the checkboxes to function properly.

Iwanejko: It’s a little hard to explain.

Iwanejko: IAd Producer and iBooks Authors Widgets allow you to use HTML/CSS/JS to build interactive components.