Dopie: get_posts would be.

Cousin: Yeah im just supposed to make a quick query to show them how many posts are blank, didnt realize it was so complicated, its alot easier when you just run the query on wp_posts

Lettiere: Scavotto: It seems I am either not understanding correctly what ‘dashboard’ is referring to when $screen is set to it for add_meta_box or that there is some issue with it. I copypasted the example on and it did appear as expected on posts and pages, but when I added dashboard to the screen array it didn’t change anything. Regardless, thank y

Harcrow: Asm0deus they are the worst

Aslinger: I’m from the very outside never made a WordPress website, and am somehow registering new image size the wrong way: I added proper size to theme functions.php file add_image_size

Cissell: Lindsay mac here is the code WordPress/WordPress/blob/master/wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/index.php">

Dorson: And then plugin makes a call to get_the_post_thumbnail, p***ing this image style name

Cissell: This code is in a plugin file all on its own

Schreckhise: But of course all that is there is original image

Sherle: Did I miss something?

Sedbrook: Cissell: for the third time. I am asking you what your code looks like for the page you are saying you are habing issues with.

Cissell: Thats exactly what it looks like

Perrault: Cissell: no. thats your plugin code

Cissell: Lindsay mac here is the code WordPress/WordPress/blob/master/wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/index.php">

Cissell: Thats the template page

Marumoto: Cissell: if thats the code then you have no idea what you’re asking

Stalzer: Cissell: because you said you have a WP page you created in the dashboard under pages – add new that has a list of other posts

Cissell: How not? im asking how i can get the page id when that code is in a plugin

Pascale: Cissell: no. thats not what you asked

Rover: Cissell:

Denooyer: Cissell: WHAT LIST OF POSTS!?

Cissell: Oh, because that PAGe is set as “blog”

Gavel: Cissell: I asked you a HUNDRED times to clarify that

Cissell: I see you asking for code

Ruliffson: How do I locate my wordpress url?

Dorr: Greg_: in your admin screen go to settings

Nerby: There are no admin settings on the .org dashboard

Harnan: Asm0deus i put this together for you, hope i got what you wanted SELECT p.post_title, p.post_author,, Posts FROM wp_posts p INNER JOIN wp_term_relationships tr ON tr.object_id = INNER JOIN wp_terms t ON t.term_id = tr.term_taxonomy_id

Fiereck: WHERE TRIMp.post_content = ” GROUP BY

Giuliano: Greg_: yes there is

Sulieman: Asm0deus i forgot to tag along the user table to also get the user name so go ahead and add that

Pazderski: I have “showcase” “Themes” Plug-ins” No admin

Anakalea: Asm0deus you will also need to add a filter by taxonomy so it shows only categories

Branchaud: Greg_: i said SETTINGS

Winder: Greg_: in the admin screen the back end of your site

Nothacker: Settings is not an option either

Lapiana: Greg_: then someone is hiding it from you

Meriwether: VectorX: nice thanks, I’ll try that out I was thinking something like this but I’m a MS-SQL guy so you’re probably more on track: select * from wp_posts where id IN select object_ID FROM wp_term_relationships WHERE term_taxonomy_id IN select term_id from wp_term_taxonomy where descriptinon = ‘category 1’ _

Ironhorse: Scavotto, I am doing something where I list all the posts in a drop down. would I still use WP_Query for that or get_posts?

Torma: Dopie: get_posts would be fine for that IMHO since you only need the basic array of posts and not all of the query stuff that goes with it