IOS apparently is not.

Doxie: I am using on an iPad.apparently the appearance is totally different than it is with a PC

Lipira: Scavotto, further more down the rabbit hole , I’m using the function in the admin area, when the admin selects the post it than shows the post inside the current post.

Millis: I think I would use WP_Query in that instance correct?

Andreozzi: Scenario. I am adding a post, in the add post area I have a meta box that has a drop down of all the user posts. when a post is selected from the drop down, that postthe admin selected gets displayed in the post + all the content from the original post.

Doll: Greg_: keep on tapping bro

Shayne: Dopie: ok so you’re basically ***ociating one post with another post.

Sagredo: Dopie: I dont understand where you’re having ANOTHER query though from the one that populates the drop donw.

Denbo: Dopie: unless you’re talking about on the front end maybe?

Vorwald: Dopie: ***uming you’re storing something liek the ID of the post selected?

Clowers: Scavotto, I would save the post ID selected.

Askren: Dopie: you can do get_post or a new WP_Query. depends on what you plan on doing with that post on the page

Allegretti: The new WP_Query will give you all the template tags and such AND allow you to use conditionals the “normal” WP way whereas get_post is just an array of info that can be manipulated like any array

Ariail: Asm0deus i added the other 2 tables, check a few manual examples against it, SELECT p.post_title, u.user_login,, Posts FROM wp_posts p INNER JOIN wp_users u ON = p.post_author INNER JOIN wp_term_relationships tr ON tr.object_id = INNER JOIN wp_terms t ON t.term_id = tr.term_taxonomy_id INNER JOIN wp_term_taxonomy tt ON t.term_id = tt.term_id WHERE TRIMp.post_content

Newham: So, as I was saying, on my iPad.on the site.I cannot find a “Back-office” access.I only have 7 tabs. .Showcase, Themes, plug-ins, get involved, support, about, blogs

Crandall: I didn’t quit I was bumped

Simenez: Big: omg wait what?!

Snead: Big: you’re on site? l ol. you arent going to find your self hosted site access there.

Meahl: Big: youre gonna be tapping those fingers for a LONG time bud

Roemen: Can you help me find my url ?

Cevera: VectorX: thanks it looks like it is working how they want

Vicente: AWeber is trying to sign in to help me and needs the url

Waughtal: Asm0deus also add any other post related conditions you want against p. ie to get published posts etc

Grimsley: Coz this will give you revisions etc aswell

Guidos: The .org and .com sites are not integrated, correct? They are separate?

Attleson: Scavotto, so on the admin side I just want to get the post id he selected and on the front end side I do a query on that post?

Harvilla: Big, .org is for downloading wordpress to install on your own server, .com is for using their hosted service that has limitations.

Jim: Asm0deus ie, p.post_status = ‘publish’ AND p.post_type = ‘post’ AND p.post_type = ‘page’ sort of stuff

Sinn: Yeah and post_content = ” is the main one, these guys could just type 1 letter and not get yelled at haha

Auker: Dopie: yea. you can do your query on that post ID any way you want

Catchings: Pretend I don’t know whatthat means.Does the .org site have a url specific to my log-in?

Pasquariello: That would explain why I couldn’t find it.

Qualls: Scavotto, thank yeh :

Rockefeller: Thank you for your help.You too, LindsayMac

Salay: It’s like trying to go to to log into your computer.

Gulston: In plain english, what is a taxonomy?

Gantnier: Big what are you trying to do 😕

Pellot: Trying to get AWeber to plug-in to my

Santmyer: IOS apparently is not compatible so I’m trying to find an end around. AWeber wanted to log in as me to see what they thought I wasn’t seeing.