I think others will know.

Keitsock: SmashingX: which part? I just explained what you need

Keitsock: Read the docs that I linked you to to figure out how to find the node using querySelector

Keitsock: Once you find the node, read node.value,

Keitsock: If node.value equals ‘99999.99999’, node.value = ‘NA’

Obregon: SmashingX: on mobile but var ele = doc.querySelector#id; ifele.value = blah

Sasala: You guys are a bunch of nice people

Vavra: With that said, I should get some sleep, I really need to fix them datepickers tomorrow

Emfield: Date pickers aint gonna fix them selves

Beckor: Disalvi: sleep is for the weak

Dahmen: Them datepickers work fine too, it’s DataTables that’s not having it

Jagla: Giraffe_: true, let’s shove some amphetamine up the nostrils and work until the boss’ thrilled

Sundermeyer: Sounds like college ThePendulum

Siami: Granted I’m still in high school though 😛

Seminole: Sad truth for many American students in particular, lol

Vilello: I want to learn economics and i have 2 books: principles of microeconomics and principles of macroeconomics. Which do people usually read first?

Chasteen: Adderall in the morning, xannies in the evening

Benyamin: Sounds like a great day lol

Jirjis: Provigil: started from bottom now we here

Devora: Wow finally some news from Web***embly people http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?view=revision&revision=246814

Legault: Hmm, what´s the easiest way to trim the first or last character off a Selection?

Scrimpsher: I mean making the Selection itself 1 character shorter

Hatten: This looks nice but isn´t supported yet apparently https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Selection/modify

Monsky: I have a JSON file like this: http://pastebin.com/kunKi03d; how can I make that file into multiple array sbased on the ‘game’ key? kind of like Underscores groupBy

Wisehart: I guess i could make each game a seperate JSON file but i would prefer one

Benckendorf: Without using underscore?

Wodicka: I do have Jquery but would like to remove it at some point

Benckendorf: Var thingsByGame = {}; things.forEachfunction thing { if thingsByGamething.game { thingsByGamething.game.pushthing; } else { thingsByGamething.game = thing; } };

Releford: What if i dont know how many games?

Benckendorf: You could make a groupBy function

Nawwar: Do you have to use twitter’s share button or do they expose a share api ?

Suttin: There is a share link

Suttin: Https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?tw_p=tweetbutton&original_referer={URL}&text={TEXT}&url={URL}

Wordell: I have this code: http://jsfiddle.net/u4hghL9c/3/ in which if I enter “90” in any of the input boxes it should change the value to “NA” but it doesn’t change it. Is there something that Im doing wrong?

Reekie: How can i do something like arrayindex.push?

Casmore: I could splice, but thats replacing, i need to add

Suttin: Var array = 0,,2, index = 1; arrayindex.push5; array;

Gerrero: Suttin: object 0, 5, 2

Suttin: SmashingX, if it’s not 90, you are updating it to NA

Appelgate: Giraffe_, splice is insert and replace

Rahl: I dont want to replace

Kienbaum: I want to just insert

Gauger: But you could just concat slices of the array, sometimes simpler depending on the situation

Bitz: How can i make that a bunch of JS code runs after I open the HTML page and loads the HTML form?

Shakespear: SmashingX: put it in a script tag after the HTML that you want to be loadewd?

Verros: That might be bad. or window.onload function I guess

Labarriere: I think others will know more though ;