Anyone ever used css to.

Carmine: Or padding to the header

Findlen: But how do i get them over to the edge? Not close to center. AND still respect resized browsers.

Shelling: Combatwombat: did you read some responsive design guidelines?

Ranney: Cyote, far right beside edge, roadrunner far left.

Carmine: Combatwombat: thought you said they were too far to the margins

Carmine: Combatwombat: w0t?

Iversen: Greathouse: I think the solution is within flexbox either way. just gotta learn it.

Greathouse: Iversen: those are also on the far end of the body, it just happens that I have a set of max-width: 700px; but if you shrink the browser, the margins sticks to that and shrinks likewise

Iversen: BUT, when it is larger it looks like it is all moved to center of page.

Greathouse: Iversen: bear in mind that, not using a reasonable max-width on body or whatever container you may use, main or who knows, will look nice on a 320×480 or 700×500 landscape, and will look horrible on a 21″ widescreen or even a 50″ one

Iversen: Bprompt

Iversen: Greathouse

Iversen: Greathouse that was why I was trying to use percentages in order to have everything just scale with size

Greathouse: Iversen: yes, that’s the idea for max-width, as opposed to have a the elements all spaced out on a widescreen viewport

Iversen: With resolution . excuse me

Greathouse: Iversen: hmmm it does scale fine

Iversen: Scales down fine, but up, stays close and center. The site functionality I’m trying to replicate looks like the top of those two comparison images when on large screen, they want that on large screen. That is my issue.

Iversen: I guess I could just set that max page size in my outermost div and just have them live with it 😛

Greathouse: Iversen: well. you can simply get rid of the max-width, and I gather that may do what you want, tis a bad idea IMO, but sure, bear in mind that not all viewports are 700×500 or 320×480

Greathouse: No contraints on a page body for a 320 or 700px width, looks decent, due to the viewport inherent device-width, but on a widescreen, looks horrible

Iversen: Yeah. I need to find some good vid tut on this to go over and watch somebody step through the design work. Like I said stuff like flexbox is even new to me. haha. I just have to find the right vids that are worthwhile, aren’t using a bunch of thirdparty libs / code etc.

Greathouse: I happen to have used 700px there, is all, could have been 1220px or 1366px or else

Iversen: Greathouse Any suggestions on video tutorials for these subjects?

Greathouse: Iversen: hmmm dunno. so-called responsive design stuff I’d ***ume, or you could search for “graceful degrading” as well, which is pretty much the same thing

Iversen: Anyone else have any suggestions on that front before I pack up and leave work for the day?

Iversen: Thank you for your help and anyone else who chimed in btw.

Greathouse: Or maybe some DTP articles, I mean. that’s pretty much dtp consideration, no to clutter the reader, and to match up elements based on their curves and color relations, and good use of white space and focal points

Greathouse: Hmm desktop publishing, many folks use the loosely term of “web design” these days for it

Iversen: I hope you and everyone else here have a great day. Cheers

Lenihan: There was a good overview over responsive design patterns on codepen but I can’t find them anymore

Desposito: I’m using bootstrap and i want to move a search box that comes last in the dom to be placed first on the page when on smaller screens, can this be easily achieved?

Desposito: Someone told me to use jquery to remove element and relocate it in the dom but this seems like it could be done without writing any code

Simila: Is there a website where you can give your web address and it will show you what your site looks like in different browsers/OSs?

Bolander: Anyone ever used css to design a team building seminar