If you stored it hashed in.

Shaulis: Vendig: thats a small little sample size

Borruso: Vendig: not to mention YOU are making the sites so you’re a bit biased as to how youre going to build out your data

Marola: Jstransky, naa, its a shared Cpanel web host

Baggette: Vendig: and just because YOU experience one thing doesnt mean the world does

Atwill: Vendig: your same size of ONE is very small.

Pilarski: I have an email issue related to WP. Can anyone help?

Artz: Is email enabled for your subdomain Marola ?

Saletta: It’s not literal data. It’s a simplification. In my experience what Im saying happens a lot.

Jacko: Vendig: and by “a lot” you mean in your narrow view of things happening which is . again. a sample size of ONE

Marola: Which subdomain you mean jstransky ?

Swinny: You said its a shared Cpanel, is your site a subdomain on that account?

Marola: Jstransky, its the only site.

Phann: Check your email settings in the admin

Sandella: Hussey: I think defending the current default at all cost is a bit narrow too. What happened to promoting discussion? I’m not hearing any arguments against my experience other than I am wrong. I’ve made my case but we’re stuck now so let’s let it p***.

Lapinski: Ok so I created my Tutorial-Type taxonomy with two results “Camo” and “Emblem” most of my Tutorials on the site should be “Emblem” is there a way to m*** ***ign all my tutorial post to emblem taxonomy.

Haifa: Jstransky, you seem to know about email and WP. Let me know when you can chat with me.

Munroe: Vendig: at what cost? I’m not defending it at all costs. I’m giving you the facts

Pasch: Vendig: and you’re being belligerent

Uptmor: Vendig: and for the record. i took the time and heard your ENTIRE arguement

Graceffo: Cya Vendig thanks for helping out tonight.

Coburn: Vendig: and happen to wholly disagree with you. as well as the entire population of the core chat tonight.

Marola: Jstransky, its set well.

Cummiskey: What does “well” mean?

Minger: Jstransky: you’re wasitng your time. both Manvelyan and I have given him TWO directions to fix his issue and he has ignored them

Taulbee: Going back to work now

Dean: You’ve verified that your server accepts smtp, ssl etc?

Marola: Jstransky, the thing is, I am able to receive the emails if new users are added, and the plugin Check Mail also sent the email.

Marola: Jstransky, I mean its OK

Biscocho: Vendig: I agree with you

Pennacchio: I wouldn’t trust a plugin, disable and check for real

Marola: Jstransky, Ok. so how can I fix that issue ?

Usery: Well, I’m curious what Hussey advised

Ripple: Im not repeating myself or wasting my time TBH

Biviano: Hi guys, I need to write several custom redirections, for example, if sitea.com is my site, I want to create a permanent redirection from sitea.com/abc to siteb.com/cba and from sitea.com/efg to sitec.com/hij

Mcivor: Is there any wp filter or function which I could use for it? I wouldn’t want to write my .htaccess manually

Sakakeeny: Milardovich: mod rewrite or wp_rewrite. you choose

Marola: Jstransky, GoDaddy.com

Lecain: Try this https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/wp-mail-smtp/

Marola: Jstransky, Yeah i am configuring now . shall I use gmail’s smtp server ?

Horseman: Gmail is good but you have to enable it afair

Huntsberry: If you want to send to a gmail account then yes

Horseman: And im not sure how secure it is to put your gmail p***word in a wordpress shared host php file

Horseman: Maybe make an alt gmail

Onstead: If you stored it hashed in the db and your site was ssl enabled, shouldn’t be an issue