To not ***ume people are.

Yant: Msafi: electroshock therapy

Thackrey: How about you just start adding semi colons, like a sane dev

Yant: Writing JS after a long stretch of using Python requires readjusting some neurons

Keitsock: Msafi: if they are painful to type then you could consider a keyboard that doesn’t have a thumbtack taped to the semi-colon key

Keitsock: Or a virtual keyboard

Frelow: Sambrook yeah that sounds fair enough actually, English does have that problem

Keitsock: Werkheiser: slow how?

Mcmorrow: Oh, I see why it would be useful

Keitsock: Have you profiled your code?

Yant: Werkheiser: idle speculation, does immutable.js handle this well?

Feerick: Werkheiser: are they unbounded?

Devera: Var fib = functioni { ifi==0 i==1 {return 1;} else {return fib0 + fib1;} }

Feerick: Can you put a clamp on the min and max values?

Theiss: That’s why javascript does it that way!

Werkheiser: Tcsc: yeah, its to store the chunks/cells in an infinite world

Norrix: Keitsock: thanks for the help!

Sambrook: Dash: do you like makefiles? I wonder if pyhton programmers are ok with makefiles, as both use indentation to imply a block of statements

Werkheiser: Keitsock: yes I have profiled the code

Werkheiser: Firefox profiler is amazing btw

Keitsock: Werkheiser: and property storage is the slowest part of your code? you’ve already fixed eveyrhing else?

Werkheiser: Keitsock: literally, yes it is a tight loop that creates a bunch of objects

Sambrook: Werkheiser: chrome’s profiler is neat too

Feerick: Werkheiser: how sp**** is the data?

Keitsock: Werkheiser: profiling is something you do on the scale of the whole application really

Werkheiser: Tcsc: yeah it should grow topigraphically

Feerick: If you put it in a grid, would most of the slots be full

Feerick: Or would they mostly be empty

Werkheiser: Keitsock: dude, I have a frame based application, the largest part of my requestAnimationFrame call is right here

Werkheiser: Please, benefit of the doubt jesus

Feerick: Ignoring the fact that it is infinite for a moment

Feerick: Or are these non-integral

Werkheiser: Tcsc: well it depends on how large of a grid you decide on 😛

Keitsock: Werkheiser: how would I know that until you said so? benefit of the doubt goes both ways

Yant: Sambrook: _like_ Makefiles? what do you think I am

Feerick: Are you talking about something like a minecraft world

Keitsock: Hard to know what the solution is to your problem until we know the actual problem

Werkheiser: Keitsock: because, it is the most logical thing to do exactly as you also concluded

Feerick: Or something much sp****r

Sambrook: Dash: you do not like them?

Werkheiser: To profile the whole application, to narrow down, etc

Keitsock: Werkheiser: and yet many people miss that step

Keitsock: So logically it makes sense to mention it

Werkheiser: Keitsock: and yet that’s what benefit of the doubt means

Keitsock: And for you not to get SO offended by me doing so

Yant: Sambrook: there’s a lot about Make to dislike

Feerick: If its sp****, this is a good use case for a quad or oct tree

Yant: Sambrook: I’m growing fond of Nix, which is what Make would have been like if designed by Haskell people

Keitsock: If you’ve covered it, mention so and move on

Feerick: Otherwise i would say a grid

Werkheiser: To not ***ume people are dumb and don’t know how to do the basic actions around what they’re asking about