I didn’t even start.

Paa: How do I get the height of the status bar?

Chesbrough: Could you bring me up to speed? What statusbar?

Leyton: The “mouseleave” event seems to be ignored.

Tutko: Gillice: The URL thingie shown in the bottom corners.

Rappe: Could you link me again?

Mcclees: Sombody please explain the difference between: mouseenter/mouseleave and mousemove/mouseout

Kalkman: Undrinkablesoup: that’s not part of your webpage, you can’t control it

Behrens: Gillice: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Kalkman: Or determine what size iti s

Friesen: Kalkman: I’m not trying to control it. I’m trying to find out its height.

Vernia: Undrinkablesoup: ‘shown in the bottom corners’, I ***ume you are referring to a webpage that you could link?

Kalkman: Or determine what size iti s

Kijowski: I missed the original conversation

Kalkman: He’s talking about on some browsers the little bar at the bottom of the browser

Kalkman: That shows the url to the link you’re hovering over

Susmilch: Somebody please explain the difference between: mouseenter/mouseleave and mousemove/mouseout

Loter: And you want to get the height of that?

Niehoff: The descriptions seem identical to me.

Kalkman: One triggers when the mouse enters a node / leaves a node

Kalkman: The other triggers when a mouse moves at all

Boop: Undrinkablesoup: mousemove is unrelated to the others, it just triggers whenever you move the mouse -at all-, disregarding whether you’re crossing the edge of the element

Bielefeld: Mouseout is when the mouse stops moving

Vanhofwegen: The difference between mouseout and mouseleave seems to be in its behavior when there is a child element involved

Kalkman: Not at all m_zr0, this was something easily googleable

Catton: Thus when you have mouse area some other area inside mouse area

Kalkman: I just found 2 articles explaining them

Lasker: The two will behave differently as described on http://www.mkyong.com/jquery/different-between-mouseout-and-mouseleave-in-jquery/

Colecchi: How do I addEventListener to all elements with the cl*** “foo” instead of to a specific element with the id “zoo”?

Mate: Kalkman: Event Delegation – David Walsh http://davidwalsh.name/event-delegate

Tetzloff: Why is every single little thing just annoying and frustrating?

Ramsey: I think you might be trying too many things at once

Kalkman: If you have ES6 see: !es6-shim you can use Array.from to turn your NodeList into an array so you can use the .forEach method and loop over it

Raterman: Get comfortable with something before moving on to the other

Kalkman: Or just use a for loop

Kalkman: Undrinkablesoup: welcome to the world of programming

Horiuchi: A for loop that does what?

Addair: Why would you even say that

Kalkman: That loops over the elements in your selector, and calls addEventListener to each one

Kalkman: Do***ent.querySelectorAll’.foo’

Kalkman: This returns a NodeList

Shekey: Torkable: because he has been asking a handful of completely unrelated questions, which I imagine isn’t allowing him to focus properly on learning anything

Kalkman: Which is a list of elements with the cl*** foo

Blumenkranz: Torkable: I’m not sure if you were asking undinkable or me, but I guess it answers for both 😛

Otani: Well I completely misinterpreted that then

Kalkman: Because it’s a viable solution that’s easy to understand

Kalkman: Not everything calls for a soap box about iterators

Smithers: I didn’t even start lol