But of course important.

Zhu: Dimi1947: AND means both have to contain P

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Is it your first day at computer ?

Iiams: OR would be either one matching P

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Then you should know what AND does and how it differs from what OR does. Do you?

Stokley: Or did the job.I had tried this where a and b like.

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Do you know what AND does and how it differs from what OR does?

Hussien: Boleware: I just noticed the user was being a moron and had both 1,2 and 2,1 but the one with 2,1 was on another page in the UI!

Plume: Yes.I just had problem using them within the contex of sql

Clyatt: Dimi1947: The context doesn’t matter

Minster: AND:both are true.OR:either is true

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Correct. So in your case you should be able to tell the difference between: 1 WHERE u.lastname LIKE ‘%P%’ OR u.lastname LIKE ‘%P%’ and 2 WHERE u.lastname LIKE ‘%P%’ AND u.lastname LIKE ‘%P%’ and use the one you want

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Sorry I put the same column there

Tarrence: Yes.as I said that problem was that I used this: WHERE u.lastname or b.compname LIKE ‘%P%’

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Should be: 1 WHERE u.lastname LIKE ‘%P%’ OR u.name LIKE ‘%P%’ and 2 WHERE u.lastname LIKE ‘%P%’ AND u.name LIKE ‘%P%’

Clyatt: Dimi1947: What problem?

Aldana: Dont’you see the difference between your correct code and minewrong?

Clyatt: Dimi1947: I not only see it, but I told you long ago why it is wrong

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Unless indeed this is exactly what you want to do :

Brier: Salle: what’s this boost thing that 5.7 needs?

Lebby: Sorry to interrupt your deep conversation.

Clyatt: Kittinger: Don’t you expect that I would prefer 5.7 to be the last MySQL version? :

Atkeson: How can I tune query? explain extended select url,count* as cfrom http_logs where t = DATE_SUBNOW, INTERVAL 24 HOUR group by url order by c desc limit 10

Benn: So to group by about 3 million rows. it takes many seconds

Semidey: Salle: ah are you a seal and not a dolphin?

Clyatt: Saml: First ask EXPLAIN

Capo: Can this kind of group by query be tunened? salle already did. explain extended

Clyatt: Kittinger: I love both animals to be honest despite that both of them are ferocious predators

Wiggains: Dolphins kill sharks, seals are chum.

Orielley: 1 SIMPLE http_logs range t t 8 NULL 2955715 Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort

Clyatt: Saml: EXPLAIN can tell if it can be tuned, but I can’t read your mind so I can’t

Kihn: It’s just explain my query right?

Munford: Does it print tuning suggestions if there are possible tuning options?

Clyatt: Kittinger: Some dolphins only not all. And I doubt any shark will dare to attack leopard seal. As far as I know even the superior sea preadators – the orcas stay away from them

Castongvay: I guess using temporary; using filesort could be problem

Discenza: Saml: INDEXt, url could make it a little faster

Clyatt: Saml: You can’t avoid filesort so all you can do is to make sure the result fits into the memory to avoid temp table on disk

Pajtas: You can’t expect huge gains when processing 3mln rows

Clyatt: Boleware: ORDER BY COUNT* DESC .

Saleem: Http://pastie.org/private/ow2fxy9upywwbtlyrsyl4a

Posey: SELECT default_character_set_name FROM information_schema.SCHEMATA shows mostly latin1 . is it safe for me to change everything to utf8?

Venezia: BlaDe: that’s just the defaults for each schema, you can change them with ALTER DATABASE

Venezia: Yeah, perfectly safe, but it won’t convert existing latin1 stuff

Venezia: And do remember that utf8 is slower than latin1

Venezia: But of course important when needed