Content = left float, right.

Willeford: It has to work regardless of their relation.

Falack: They have no relation.

Wlazlowski: They are not siblings at all

Sawczyszyn: But you insisted on + and ~.

Cadieux: If they were somehow related – yes

Osmus: Don’t tell me this isn’t even possible.

Housand: I kept saying they are not related.

Fendley: Oh, right, it does extend to other groups as long as they match the ordering

Coladonato: Undrinkablesoup I’d go with jquery for it

Osaile: I had it in my head that it went from the initial declaration to the final occurrence of that element within the only group it’s declared for

Tsou: Probably because i tend to use ID as the parent

Kolwyck: Real JS to the rescue.

Whitchurch: Undrinkablesoup hmm maybe something like this?

Raimer: Ahh, just giving some parent element display: flex already makes the whole look nicer 😀

Longendyke: Scot: that’s smart – didn’t think of that

Goyer: How’s the browser support on that – do you know?

Sau: Scot: Already implemented it in JS, although I’m having some issues.

Hasek: Namely, there is no “not hovering” CSS “action”.

Milewski: So once I’ve done foo.display = ‘block’; in JS, it’s there forever.

Briggeman: I want it to not be visible when a link isn’t being hovered.

Parkers: Just having display: none; in the CSS for the test2 doesn’t work.

Alire: Just for its initial state.

Airington: But once I’ve hovered a link and JS has set display to block, it’s shown forever.

Maresco: The solution is probably stupidly simple, but I can’t think of it.

Bissett: Undrinkablesoup its quite easy with jquery

Christaldi: I’m not using jQuery.

Dansby: Can someone link me somewhere to start changing the shape of a div. like rounding corners or making the div a circle instead of rectangle.

Brzuchalski: TechMonger2: check out border-radius

Mchale: To start learning to change

Deetz: Brzuchalski, so what is the webkit prefix?

Brzuchalski: Don’t think there is one

Brzuchalski: Or its not needed anymore

Magg: I think its for legacy compatibility

Neugin: TechMonger you can check

Ruelle: I cant make a circle like this can i?

Brzuchalski: TechMonger2: no one prefixes anymore

Laven: So what about a circle div?

Ellenberg: Its a vid gaming term

Brzuchalski: Oh, not my area of expertise :

Brzuchalski: Also op means something different on discussion :p

Chauvette: And on forums its original poster

Jory: Lol who knew there could be more than one way to use an acronym

Sees: There are just a few letters on the alphabet to make unique 2-letter acronym :

Brzuchalski: _matix: could you fix your connection please?

Uhler: Discussion=isnt real conversation

Ditchfield: Http:// — if you look, the right column extends past the parent #container and I cannot get it to auto-adjust the parent height to match. I have tried adding a div style=”clear: both;” /div to no avail, not sure how to fix this. Anyone?

Generalao: The right column is a float:right div

Kenekham: Here is a better version, added borders and titles so you can see what is what.

Hufstetler: The container is what needs to be extending as the content and right column get bigger, but it is not.

Moock: Content = left float, right = right float.