Hylle alright, makes sense:.

Puraty: Daniman: you’re building it from scratch?

Praylow: Why run before you even can walk

Halfacre: Gillice:yap, it have registration/login i built in PHP/MySql

Briganti: I want to use javascript for user validation and some hover things

Woelfel: Javascript cosmic string :O

Hemken: Array.prototype.reduce is a mighty fine method

Thach: Gillice: it is. It would be better if it didn’t p*** the index to the function argument though :

Tauzin: They would all be better for that

Carollo: Along with the whole damn array every time

Woelfel: P***ion of the string regexp

Hellyer: Hylle, Blashpemy! You should have as much information available as possible. Better to have the index when you don’t need it than to have need it and not have it

Fok: You’d have to find the index on each iteration?

Tepp: Why do you need index

Walser: In js var you declare var client-id = x

Kenmore: Torkable, Maybe you want to reduce and skip an index or two?

Wyble: Torkable, Why not? Why not have index if its available?

Nunery: Because it gets in the way

Grether: Hey there. I’m trying to use XDomainRequest on ie 8/9 to grab a json file. I’m getting xdr.onerror called but without any kind of responseText. Is there anyway to figure out what the error is?

Ketcherside: Torkable, In the way of what? The array argument?

Degrazio: If I p*** a function to the iterator function, I get 3 args, not just the item

Tschirhart: What is the use-case for Grunt *and* Webpack?

Thach: Gillice: because: 1 it makes it impossible to optimise; 2 it makes it impossible to compose.

Stear: Which makes p***ing something like a curried function to reduce impossible

Triana: For when there isn’t a loader for the module you want to use?

Kissner: I’m currently using the index in reduce

Gutoski: Although it looks like I have to ditch this method of extracting data

Kuiper: It’s not reliable between invoices :

Thach: Literphor: 1, 2, 3.mapadd1, where add is a curried binary function breaks, for example.

Michalski: Pdf2json apparently does not scan from top to bottom, left to right, reliably

Plunket: Torkable, I see, good point

Kalinoski: Jmorphion: unfortunately the only argument to onerror is a generic XMLHttpProgressEvent

Thach: Gillice: why are you using the index argument in a reduce?

Kalinoski: I would suggest looking at xhr.status

Halsey: Http://michaeltrierhofby.dk/js/custom.js Why is !elem for both true and false cases? Am I missing something?

Kalinoski: Also, you can just look in chrome dev tools for that request and see the full details

Altreche: Kalinoski: hmm, is it normal not to have either of those defined on the object?

Merz: Hey Hylle, have a question, Ive drawn a diagram as how I imagine recursive pattern for factorial works, I’d like if you have a minute take a look at pattern I draw under the function and just tell me if it’s accurate please? http://jsfiddle.net/x66dred0/5/

Difalco: Hylle: in this case I had a huge array of bits of texts. I’d find a specific bit of text and I’d know that bit and the next few match an array I have. I’d add the index of the latter array to the index of the first bit of text to extract the rest

Hrabal: Kalinoski: this only comes up in ie 8/9 so i’m confined to those dev tools

Thach: RonRichie: hm, that’s going to be a bit hard now, as I’m just about to leave to the airport :/

Thach: RonRichie: you can send it to my email though, and I’ll take a look in a couple of days, when I’m back home, if you can wait that much.

Cainion: Hylle alright, makes sense: I hope whenever you get a chance you’d help me to figure this out sometime later: