Mwillbanks: 5.7 does.

Paredez: TheMineBench: Look at the fiddle. There are duplicates in the result. By definition, that’s what you asked to find.

Flis: Basically I have L Lists and T tasks, I want to find all Lists where there are no tasks with T.status = ‘incomplete’

Eady: TheMineBench: In the last N rows per account, look for a clientId that appears more than once.

Berrong: Where T.status = complete will give me Lists with complete and incomplete tasks

Alman: Ziro: Correct. That’s part of the join criteria. Alternatively, you could use aggregation.

Limardi: Yes, hence why I’m here

Charlot: Ziro: ON condition1 AND condition2

Pettyjohn: Ziro: Try using and show a specific case you are having trouble with. Show the exact query you tried.

Dellaripa: Xgc, i think you may have given me enough, ta

Side: Ziro: It’s a very simple problem.

Kolakowski: TheMineBench: By duplicates, I mean the list of the last 5 clientIds contains some ids two or more times.

Buie: TheMineBench: Isn’t that what you are looking for?

Bodiford: Or did your computer stop working again?

Fiedtkou: TheMineBench: Blink once if your computer is working.

Agnelli: Xgc: I’m confused. I have and clientId for a user and I’m trying to check if that user logged on with the clientId in the past 5 logins.

Timpone: Xgc: The accountId, clientId is primary, so there cannot be multiple clientIds per accountId.

Geiselman: TheMineBench: That’s not what you asked. You said you have an accountId and you wish to fond if the last 5 logins for that account used the same clientId more than once.

Gilzow: TheMineBench: So you didn’t ask the right question?

Grabski: Xgc: I suppose I did if that’s what I asked, I’m sorry.

Rindal: TheMineBench: Note your use of the phrase: “for that account”

Rapozo: Xgc: Ah, yes I mis typed, I’m sorry :

Urankar: TheMineBench: So which rows do you want to search?

Hassard: TheMineBench: The last 5 rows that match what criteria?

Stonecipher: The last 5 logins that have the accountId of the user

Wiggens: TheMineBench: Ouch. You did it again.

Krah: TheMineBench: Just “that account” ?

Schnake: TheMineBench: Think for a few minutes and then ask again, when you are not so confused.

Batson: TheMineBench: I suspect you asked the right question originally and you confused yourself just recently to think clientId was unique.

Ronning: TheMineBench: Users have accounts, correct? They connect from different clients clientIds, correct or no?

Fontaine: TheMineBench: Each user has one account, yes?

Enzenauer: I think your computer stopped working again.

Palaspas: Xgc: Correct, each user has an account.

Alley: Xgc: They will usually login from the same client,

Heines: TheMineBench: So now look at the last 15 minutes of your conversation and tell me which of your comments to ignore.

Knows: TheMineBench: You just completely reversed again and are asking the original question again.

Mcvea: TheMineBench: One sentence, tell me what result you wish to generate.

Chall: Deason: so curiously enough the 2nd and 3rd query show the same explain plan as well as same handler variables exactly but 3rd query runs in 1s vs 5-15M lol

Jarrells: I have a stupidly simple question, but I genuinely can’t figure out D:

Sun: TheMineBench: If you can’t ask the same question twice in a row, I can’t really lead you through the problem step by step. Each time we take a step, you change the question.

Fyles: How do I set the url at which my mySQL db is accessed at?

Ickert: You mean the ip address?

Comeaux: Mysql doesn’t have a web address per say.

Deason: Mwillbanks: 5.7 does ;