Heroman well, Im a beginner.

Prunier: Https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109661622/DMF%20Pacific%209×15.png

Reineck: DarkElement: could prolly have a node script that checked it and then ran a shell command to play audio or something along those lines?

Grosclaude: Hi team, I have large json data to transfer from server to browser js, what gzip library i can use to decompress it on client side?

Reineck: Heroman: yeah I think it looks better to me at least now =

Mcgeorge: Zomg, alrighty, i’ll see if I can work that out.

Brochet: Could you hypothetically imagine yourself using it? :3c

Reineck: If it was the default in some program I probably wouldn’t completely hate it

Reineck: But I don’t really see myself going to the effort of installing and using it outside of something like that

Frisbie: New problem: wish I had my free copy of vmware again

Limerick: Vmplayer just crashes if left alone

Repasky: Zomg, how easy is it 1-10 to install xubuntu on vbox

Reineck: Probably a matter of creating a machine and then booting it with the install media attached to it

Reineck: Or might even find ready made images for it

Reineck: If you don’t need a GUI, ***rant would do it too

Reineck: Heroman: I can see the influence from old games with the punctuation like ! and ?, I seem to recall many old games had them tilted like that =

Yamaguchi: The punctuation is blacker than the letters, on purpose.

Quintania: It’s a typography term.

Barbare: It means visually bold.

Cournoyer: It doesn’t matter what actual colors are used.

Childes: Zomg: What do you think of the sunshine braces? :3

Brwon: Now, {} no longer looks like unmentionable parts.

Lamkin: Instead, it looks sunny.

Reineck: Yeah it’s kinda funny with that

Woodrum: It’s my favorite flourish of all.

Westerhof: And the “g” demonstrates that loop-tail “g” can work in sans-serif.

Caplinger: It’s comfier, somehow.

Morlock: Of course, I could also reduce the strokes in “n” and “m” and make them similar.

Sharlin: I invented sunshine brackets to promote as a glyph variant of curly braces. But then I discovered that many comics lettering fonts *already* use a similar glyph mapped to curly braces, for use in sound effects during dialogue.

Cataldi: I finally gottt itttt! :

Shillings: Got what, RonRichie? :3

Soros: Will I regret asking?

Kiphart: Zomg, sorry no response, trying it

Marrapodi: I have been trying it out

Wier: My original font designs are often motivated by the principle of kawaisa.

Oller: The principle that “everything must be cute”.

Reineck: Heroman: you sure like your fonts

Trembley: Yeah, just now realized how off-topic I am. XD

Faulkenburg: Hahahaha I feel so happy: im about jump outta windowwww nowww :D!

Almerico: But yes, even source code fonts can afford a flourish.

Reineck: RonRichie: That seems like a strange reaction to being happy

Maradiaga: Heroman lol I just got how this recursion works, https://repl.it/BIE0 :

Mentkowski: RonRichie: On the ground floor? :3

Boatfield: Lol pretty much Heroman 😀

Fricano: Anyway, I’m using this very font to edit JavaScript right now. But I can see how it can be improved.

Emry: RonRichie: growBeanstalk is not defined

Cottone: Goyette thanks for todays explanation, I finally got it :

Figaro: Maybe hummus can help you on your next dilemma. :3

Niheu: Well, yeah you got it, function call should be f5 instead https://repl.it/BIE0/1

Holdiness: Heroman well, Im a beginner in programming and JS happens to be my first language, so I guess it should be exciting to figure out something after trying it for many hoursespecially since this is a recursion, a hard topic itself Im taking pride in finally seeing how it does what it does :