WPMS or separate single.

Hooks: Because it’s javascript

Mell: So that snippet is not designed to inject javascript then

Polosky: It needs to be PHP code

Lokan: Limbera: use echo or script tags

Sparr: Re: my ajax question. Why does this output 0? http://pastebin.com/6bZwS3bD

Cavender: Got, action post-fix didn’t match callback

Linkert: How do i echo this in php /* !CDATA */

Wiskowski: Jeng: I’m trying out PHP Browser detect, but not having much luck. Is my php incorrect? This is part of my template.php file- http://pastebin.com/pEXedAV4

Buzick: I’m trying to echo the following string in PHP but i don’t think i know how to excape it properly

Pacquette: Try: echo ‘/* !CDATA */‘;

Jeng: Ycon_: I think you have to provide a $version

Kodera: Jeng: can I put $all?

Jeng: I have no idea. I have not downloaded the plugin or read the docs.

Jeng: But reading the plugins page, I note “$version is optional. Include a major version number, a single integer – 3,4,5, etc. Or leave it empty to test for any version.”

Ishizu: Jeng: I removed it. Ha it works- but on all devices EXCEPT iphone ha

Jeng: Per the page, did you create a test page with the shortcode browser_info

Lokan: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0OX_8YvFxA

Jeng: What’s the URL, ycon_?

Shiner: Www.stashdapp.com/download

Leuty: Jeng: so its working well

Plough: As in browser_info shows the correct info. But the redirect isn’t working. Should the PHP sit before the header?

Jeng: I see “iphone” and iOS” in several of the fields.

Jeng: Using Chrome on my phone

Jeng: BTW, I think you need an exit0 after header”location.”

Jeng: Anyhow, back to the grill. back later

Terwillegar: I’m trying to set up a server to host multiple wordpress websites

Manecke: Having a little trouble here

Viner: I have the LAMP server set up and WordPress installed

Forbes: Apache, PHP, and MySQL are all working fine

Flach: But I don’t have a “sites-enabled” directory

Rozar: I’ve created my WordPress database

Hutmacher: Created an admin user and granted the privs

Lokan: You’ll need to backup and provide actual details

Lokan: Linux distro, exact configuration, where did you get wordpress, etc.

Kiel: Linux Mint 17, installed WP from the repos

Lokan: Ok, remove wordpress step 1

Lokan: Step 2: https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/latest.zip

Lokan: Get that, unpack it in your do***entroot

Housand: By “do***ent root” do you mean my /var/www/ directory?

Lokan: I mean whatever you’ve defined in the “Do***entRoot” directive

Lokan: If you want to setup multiple installs, as you said, you’ll have multiple vhosts

Velastegui: That’s in my httpd.conf file?

Lokan: If you’ve not yet setup httpd or mysql, do that first as those are prerequisite

Meehan: Yeah I’ve set up apache and mysql, Ive created a wordpress database and a wordpress-admin user

Kula: And granted the requisite permissions

Cuyler: Colonel_panic: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Installing_WordPress

Lokan: Have you looked at that?

Heroman: So what specifically do I need to do differently to set this up for multiple sites?

Sassone: I’ve never done that before

Laurelli: This is a local development server, BTW

Lokan: WPMS or separate single sites?

Staiano: Do I need to create a separate wordpress database for each site?

Lokan: WPMS or separate single sites?