The only thing on the.

Crook: The boss is gonna hear me out, I’m trying to gather any sources I can. I thought this might be an obvious one but I’m having trouble finding a good article

Gentleman: Think about how much you have to fit into your head at once when making a change – the larger the component, the more that is

Shelburn: Gentleman: Yes common sense…so you would think it’d be easy to convince the guy to break up his code. I’m faililng at it, and so I’m hoping to bring a more credible source

Irigoyen: Anyone care to help me with some data attributes problem?

Melandez: So I’m trying to battle my senior over stupid stuff, I’m hoping to convince the boss in tomorrows meeting instead

Saverchenko: Hi, I’m trying to make an object with a GetVarstring method, that returns the value of the variable named ‘string’, for example: myobject.GetVal”size” would return the ‘size’ var of the object. been messing with eval and window but no luck

Schwarzenbach: Cant get the value from the data-attribute –

Dipippo: I’m writing some code that interacts with a black box object that has a GetVar method, and I’m trying to write a stand-in object for testing

Elvis: Object.keysusers.length

Swanner: Oh i forget the param -_-

Elvis: If you have to do this a lot i’d consider not storing it that way.

Elvis: Since Object.keys is On in time and space.

Woldridge: Not my choice to store it like that

Elvis: Then convert it when you get it

Elvis: And only pay that price once.

Tanaka: Wait so do I use it like ‘Object.keyschan.users.length’? or Chan.keys’users’.length?

Elvis: Object.keyschan.users.length.

Caramanica: Seems kind of weird to use the Object prototype

Elvis: It’s not the object prototype.

Darrow: Whatever the term for the actual Object is

Lorimer: Cat5InTheCradle: so myobject”size”?

Elvis: Just Object, but that’s because adding it to Object.prototype would have a lot of consequences.

Busche: Deltab is it that easy? if I have a constructor containing this.size=1, then I can do myobject”size”?

Mate: Deltab: and foo”bar” are both ways to access a property on a JavaScript object; use the latter when the property name is not a legal identifier e.g. foo”my-cats” or foo”emails” or when you need to construct the property name from a variable e.g. var prop = “bar”; var x = fooprop.

Reineck: This gets 20 upvotes on reddit, and something useful that I post gets like I dunno 5

Reineck: Https://

Reineck: Probably got all his friends to upvote it or smth

Hottel: Hi guys, I’m using this plugin currently. How do I set an ID for the snappuzzle piece?

Ciborowski: How can I get a phantomjs program to play audio?

Reineck: DarkElement: how would that work? PhantomJS doesn’t render or display anything afterall

Laviero: Zomg, i’m trying to find a way to watch for a change in a JSON on a page, then notify me when it does

Balcos: Specifically, the RSS feed for my reddit unread messages

Reineck: I would imagine there to be tools for following RSS feeds

Reineck: I just used Google Reader and after they turned it off, I just pretty much stopped using RSS so haven’t really kept up to date 😛

Bagnaschi: I think if this then that is one of them, but I kinda want to make own script

Moeder: I like it more when I make it

Reineck: You could probably make use of Growl notifications or something like that

Reineck: That might even be possible to integrate into node/phantom

Mend: I mean, if you know of a simple way to trigger an mp3 after realizing that a webpage is different

Hilb: The only thing on the webpage is a json