Graphic tablet ascii mode.

Goyette: But yes, doing the unraveling manually is helpful

Seber: Goyette Im going through code academy’s recursion course track and that is one of their examples and explanation is pretty **** poor, it doesn’t even bother to explain sequence all these take place

Sieverding: I’m a bit stuck with an rxjs problem. Does anyone know it well?

Defusco: Zomg: urm If it’s for real beginners then just basic stuff would be an example I guess – you could use a little recursive function to show how one can see the values bubbling up as the functions are returned, or a console.log output in comparrison to the information that’s given about the whole object in the debugger, and how it ‘flashes’ a bit when a value is updated. Also note that the value is updated by the previous line not the

Defusco: Line that the cursor is focussed on , that was slightly unintuitive for me at first but it makes sense

Inagaki: Torkable I’ll love to do that BUT I don’t get how this happens, what should I even try to draw? like honestly, Ive no clue how all that works out like that? if I somehow imagine what happens on first iteration and Ill be able to draw and trace the value, but Ive no clue as how it returns 1 and why an what this entire growBeanstalkyears – 1 + growBeanstalkyears – 2 line evaluates to, but Id sure love to draw if I knew what

Reineck: Baxx: well the idea was to actually show how you can use the debugger with breakpoints, stepping, etc., which is the more tricky part I think

Reineck: And at least I was thinking that a practical scenario would make sense, ie. “here’s a piece of code, and it has this problem in it that we need to debug.”

Reineck: Then just go step by step

Dudzik: RonRichie:

Defusco: Zomg: oh cool – yeah I’ve only seen a bit so I can’t say too much I guess :

Prunier: Some of the answers have pictures of trees

Wolkow: To visualize the recursion

Defusco: Zomg: is the call stack the order that things are called though? I’m currently wondering about that

Laquay: That’s what I draw when I trace recursive stuff

Delco: Torkable thanks, let me see how I can work this out : let me read the post

Scheurer: Left call, right call

Reineck: Baxx: pretty much, it tells you from which function the current function was called from and so on

Defusco: Cool cool, need to have a play with it

Staszak: Just in case – I want the stream to end up with success1$ instead of error1$

Rosenfeld: I sort of want .amb to swallow the error

Suwannakintho: Torkable, this is how I imagine a recursive functions work, would you confirm if this diagram looks accurate to you?

Bemben: Hi, i am working with a html file its load data from xml file with: $do***”xmlName”,”actividad.xml”; i know this is not a good practice, so i want to know how i can replace it ?

Bemben: I want to put actividad,xml content inside my html in json if its possible

Podolak: Https://

Sallee: Amezcua art to free your mind

Bemben: But i dont know if do***ent will load

Kalinoski: If I had to draw a recursive picture I would draw a picture of myself drawing the picture

Goyette: Damn I was trying to do it in ascii

Kalinoski: And it would take me infinity years to complete

Defusco: Torkable: did you use one of those new apple pens?

Goyette: Http://

Sharon: Torkable ahh cute : thanks for this lol let me wrap this around my head now

Defusco: Emacs has got an ascii drawing mode

Defusco: Https://

Dority: Any editor has after you press insert button =

Kalinoski: Graphic tablet ascii mode would be interesting