Contact form 7 isn’t.

Showman: Ryannnnn: use something like – date ‘M nS’, strtotime $yourdate ;

Sherlock: How about we dumb it down/ simplify it:

Carper: Add new” menu please refer to them as “WordPress Pages”: “Pages” in WordPress are innocuous. There are the proper terms for each: WordPress pages those are made in the dashboard under add new page Site Pages those are whatever exists on the front end of your site but have no WordPress Page such as archive pages, the 404, etc. and Page Templates php files you can apply to a WordPress page

Carathers: Showman: .pages doesnt need a command LOL

Showman: Well, it’s doing exactly what it’s programmed to do

Showman: But I’ll still call it a “bug” lol

Mcclair: It’s a by-product of me killing the “is this user actually on discussion” checker

Guthorn: Which I had to do because the discussion framework is so ddated it needs rewriting

Mollett: I.e. Feb instead of February?

Jeng: Ryannnnn: dd you read the PHP data function info?

Pittsenbarger: I need a VERY basic, simple user avatar upload method

Gautsch: Anyone out there have favs?

Kapusniak: Scavotto: inb4 gravatar

Dampier: Anyone have any experience from a membership plugin for WordPress that they can recommend? I’m thinking mostly performance-wise suitable for a high-traffic site.

Hausler: Gravity forms. smh. its not the answer for everything.

Zapato: Joel7819: depends on what you want the membership plugin to do.

Blasingame: Scavotto: it is when you need salesforce integration 😛

Wendte: Bero: thought it was your response to my question

Thomes: Bero: I feel like gravity forms would just be another level of obfuscation between Salesforce and your data TBH

Schirrmacher: Idk any avatar plugins cause I’ve just used gravatar

Froese: Scavotto: it’s used pretty widely by our client for many other things

Vanderheiden: Yea these site users will never go to gravatar to make another account and upload an avatar

Krushansky: Scavotto: looks cool

Guererro: Bero: yea I still would avoid it just because of that IF it wasn’t already used for those fields. too much obfuscation

Tourtelotte: Pro version can go straight from cam

Flourney: Has anyone extended the wp-api plugin, created their own endpoint, and figured out how to access the body of the request?

Buglisi: Bero: ooh straight to cam is pretty cool

Amdahl: Whatever i use i’m going ot have to fully customize though to work in to the new photo tagging system i’m making

Suttles: Someish: don’t think I’ve made my own endpoint yet, but I’ve added data to the json result

Milbrett: For like a normal post query

Rienzo: Someish: lots of people have been playing withg it. Depends on what you need to do

Vyas: Scavotto: Yes, but I was thinking purely performance-wise to begin with. If anyone has done benchmark tests between difference membership plugins etc. And then I’d like to take a stand on what to choose.

Cimmiyotti: Benchmark what? What are you talking about “Benchmark tests”?

Hendricks: Joel7819: a benchmark test needs something to test against. Benchmark itself isnt a thing.

Houff: Scavotto: I’ve simply created a route, which accepts a post request and json in the body. I then have an endpoint for that route; however I have no idea how to access or p*** in the body of the request.

Housley: Someish: it sounds to me like you’ve made your OWN api versus using / extending the wp api actually

Mcward: Scavotto: I’ve extended the API as they suggest in their do***entation.

Janowiec: Whats the number for your support line?

Louser: Alex_______: has no support line

Barton: Contact form 7 isn’t working for me on a digitalocean droplet, anyone have experience with this?