Claytonzaugg: the idea.

Prine: Can i put this into my head tag – meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=11; IE=10; IE=9; IE=8; IE=7; IE=EDGE” /

Harralson: Bprompt, it’s mostly for dev purposes

Ascencio: Felishia: ? or***ents/compilers/mikroc/pro/pic/help/img/IDE/window_quick_converter.gif ? though this last one. looks very dull

Quave: Bprompt, oh what you see had so many buttons because it’s the interface of the whole library itself, because in fact, I can write it in my own library

Tyon: Jeffreylevesque: IIRC, yes

Diallo: What I mean is that an standard is a json string, an an standard defines an json string, so I can write an standard that defines the standard itself

Frandeen: Of course then the inputs for an standards will have so many buttons that it’ll be so crowded, so making it look good is my challenge

Engbretson: Felishia: the 1st screenshot design looks good IMO

Bream: Bprompt, will show you how the clients will “really” se something, suppose I need to ask them from a json input for bank account that must contain the following data

Blakney: CreditCardNumber, amountOfMoney as an array

Gollihue: Bprompt,

Aldaz: Felishia: hehe. lacking UI/dtp there =

Florea: Felishia: but something liike would look quite decent

Guebara: Bprompt, but that’s what I **** at :

Pomplun: Felishia: maybe it’s time to do some DTP reading :, has a few free issues for download in pdf

Kjelland: Is there an easy way to get paste this POST error so i can test the jquery?

Cockman: Http://

Groner: Bprompt, but I’m no designer. I’m programmer DX

Fuhrmann: He makes it sound too easy DX

Lezama: Felishia: well.therein lies the issue methinks :. maybe you need to hire someone for that one :, but you could also find many designs for that kind of context

Verni: Bprompt, but I’m trying to make an opensource library :

Giesy: I need it to look so amazing because logically it’s nice. I need it to be like apple’s design :p

Arens: Plamble: I didn’t get what you mean

Nolen: When you press submit

Legorreta: It gives back a POST error

Niehus: Felishia: I think we all try to make things look amazing :, sadly the “amazing” adjective doesn’t have much mileage in dtp or design

Ehiginator: Bprompt, that’s the thing, design is out of my reach T____T I’ve tried to get better but I **** so bad

Stadelman: Plamble: ok. and.? it says “$ is not defined”, meaning you didn’t include the jquery lib

Esch: Maybe i gave you tyhe wrong link

Ginnetti: Http://

Marschel: This is the error i get back when i hit submit

Diviney: If i put method=”POST” in form it gives me back something even nastier

Ballensky: Felishia: well, sounds to me . you’d want to get a few good DTP reads then

Eddins: Plamble: this is #css – you should ask your question elsewhere

Eddins: That doesn’t make #css relevant

Helgeson: Plamble: dunno how you’re submitting it, asynchronous js or just plain html.but that sounds an error on the method you’re using, either in the js subroutine, or the webserver handling

Roberge: I guess i can change the input type to “button” and test it

Satterly: Regarding the video tag, does it load ALL video files or just the one you have listed that the browser can use?

Glogowski: Claytonzaugg: the latter, of course

Murchie: Claytonzaugg: the idea behind source is to provide a fallback priority, not to load them all