Gkwhc, i would load the.

Delsignore: It looks hacky and not easy to read, but it’s convenient in some cases, i did it other day

Vales: I guess you dont need them if you dont use a linter, but why would anyone write js without a linter

Brislin: Errmano: Like jshint.com?

Cone: The linter should throw a warning not an error

Ghiorso: How do you check for syntax errors?

Brodnicki: You copy and paste your code into a 3rd party app? what about for coding at work, on code you dont own/

Archibold: Jshint.com isnt even https

Brislin: Errmano: I usually use Emacs to code, But I don’t know if there are tools for JS coding on it. I’m currently at my school and javacsript-mode isn’t even available on the computer I use.

Holverson: Can anyone tell me why readyState never reaches ‘complete’ — http://pastebin.com/rg9SqS1e

Cone: There’s probably a plugin for emacs for jslinting

Cone: I know there’s one for vim

Laverdiere: Brislin, i recommend setting up a build system, i use grunt

Klopfer: I want to make a modern javascript-heavy web app/ui. What minimal set of js libraries might I use?

Vails: It watches for files changes in project and runs tasks

Albaugh: Pyoor, did you try setting the iframe’s src after defining the while loop?

Brislin: Cone: I think too, but I didn’t already took the time for installing one, I only work on JS now for a little script.

Pae: Klopfer: the minimal set is “none”

Jillson: Klopfer, that’s hard to answer. can you be more specific about the app? is it angular/backbone/react? is it going to be a responsive, mobile-first app?

Klopfer: Mobile second, not sure what responsive means, data binding and declarative styles preferred, low backend requirements

Klopfer: Jquery, ractive, polymer, angular 1, angular 2, bootstrap.

Lockart: Responsive means the styling changes depending on screen size, so the same code looks good on ipad, desktop and phone screen sizes

Klopfer: Yeah that’s kind of implicit in most web applications i’ve worked on

Ziola: Klopfer, i use bootstrap 3 with less so i can theme it, i use react.js, jquery is handy, underscore.js is too

Pae: I use bootstrap 3 and angular 1. underscore is usually necessary, as is moment.js

Villalta: I use bower to manage front-end libs

Brabston: I use commonjs style modules also

Cone: You might not even need a javascript library

Cone: It really depends on specific needs

Klopfer: I might not even need a computer

Baur: I dont even have a computer, i have 100 asian guys in my basement remembering 1s and 0s

Klopfer: That would be way too slow :p

Klopfer: But, we wouldn’t have to use a computer, let alone js libraries.

Sodhi: If you’re going to use backbone or ember.js, you’ll need handlebars.js also

Klopfer: I’m leaning toward. continuing to use ractive, or diving into angular 2, or maybe polymer instead

Estevane: Never heard of ractive.js before now

Klopfer: It’s a one-man minimal mustache+binding+component library.

Wongus: I’m avoiding angular2 until it’s close to 1.0 release

Klopfer: Yeah that makes things tricky for me too

Mocha: Are you writing in plain javascript or using coffeescript/es6 or something?

Grun: Pae, https://jsfiddle.net/anzsx7tb/2/

Stepnowski: Hi everyone, im trying to get random 100px x 100px sections of an image with javascript. Might anyone know how i should approach this?

Pae: Einseenai: please ask the entire channel, you’ll have better luck than just asking me. also, it’s generally better to lead with a question. otherwise what’s the url going to be for?

Ewing: Gkwhc, i would load the image into a canvas element and use the canvas api to getImageDatax, y, w, h